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Why the author should refer to a proofreading service? Even the most competent author and the coder is not immune from mistakes and typos. Errors can occur during the writing or layout of the article, to any author first drew attention to the improvement of the text, relegating the task of adjustment by the wayside, he again and again may miss elementary mistake. There is nothing strange - so human psychology. We always strive for the best, and in this case, need the help of a professional proofreader! We are confident that you have reached this page by accident, you are looking for a competent proofreader. Please contact us. We have over 15 years experience in publishing books and literature, our professionals have extensive experience in proofreading. You will get properly corrected text, printed products, for which you will not be ashamed!

Our proofreading service is ruled by articles, stories, novels, thesis, dissertations letters, reports, records, content, web pages and different instructions. We correct spelling, punctuation and stylistic mistakes. If necessary, select synonyms. Cite bibliographic references in accordance with the standard. Our proofreading team will check your text quickly and conscientiously. You can, from any corner of our planet to send it by email or delivered personally in a scanned, handwritten or electronic form. We'll scan it for all errors and typos - perform proper correction, if necessary, will make electronic kit.

Only after the author becomes certain that the manuscript resolved all the structural, narrative, character and content of other problems - from the area of ​​responsibility of developing the editor, the author can seek stylistic editing. It makes no sense to edit the style, if you then have to go back to developing editing: redraw the text, throw out whole chunks of it, append the new ...

Editor stylist, quite simply, to help the author to make the manuscript more beautiful, give it a professional quality, will help to strengthen the voice of the author and the reader to win. For aspiring writers to put their voice - it's worth a lot. Even a consummate stylist Turgenev did not immediately put his writer's voice. Proofreading is carried out at the level of words and sentences. If you find that you need to cut the whole head, rearrange them, throw episodes prescribe heroes - a (missed) developmental editing. Then, in order not to return the manuscript to the author, it is possible to agree on how to connect to the developmental editor, and after him to continue working on styling.

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To do this, the text should be a harmonious one in style and content, good product with a properly spaced accents. At the same time, the text contains errors and typos will generate more negative reaction in the reader, no logical relationship between different parts of the product will cause distrust and stylistic flaw prevent "grab" the idea of ​​the author. As a result, even valuable information and a great idea can not be appreciated. It is not that the author of the inability or illiterate, simple word processing, there are secrets that allow you to polish it, "sharpen" under the specific audience and achieve maximum effect. These secrets possess specially trained people - editors, whose main task to help the author to achieve his plan. Even the acknowledged masters of words have recourse to the editor, as such cooperation is most effective. Promotion of writers and journalists in many ways it is provided "gray cardinal" - the editors. Not by chance, some writers at the beginning of the works they write words of gratitude to their editors.

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