In the proofreading process, optimize their work by translating words and expressions from a passive to an active stock, it is necessary to work out the next destination - read aloud to remember syntax, write his speech on the phonorecords, in order to compare your pronunciation with the pronunciation of the speaker. Considering the training method of audiobooks it can be said that this is one of the most effective means of proofreading English and improve English proficiency. This proofreading process will require you time and effort. But the realization of this goal that you are going to be a good result of your commitment to mastering English using audio books.

Good audio books you can pick up on the recommendation of professional proofreading and tutors who are already in my experience which prompt the best option you will approach at the initial stage of proofreading. These audio books should contain the main part of the grammar and phonetics. This should ensure a high level of perception of the material. There are a number of specialty stores that offer you a high-quality audiobooks good writers and speakers. These audio books in English will be very useful for the formation of speaking English, grammar and phonetics bases. Audiobooks can be used in the self-study courses on coaching, allowing dive into the language environment of the English language. This method of proofreading is very convenient to travel on business, in tourist trips, on vacation, you will always be able to provide itself with the necessary English language listening, at a convenient time for you.

If you use audiobooks students formed a correct perception of the English language at a high level, which is confirmed by the latest research. Good audiobook fixes on a subconscious level, a very large number of rules, forms a significant database of words that provides a basis for the future formation of knowledge of the English language. Active use of audio books can be continued throughout the time of use of the English language, which will provide a permanent control over their level of English.

Specialized audio books on professional topics will enable you to strengthen their capabilities and skills in the specialty, if you have to work in a foreign company. Increase opportunities to expand their horizons in the field of professional activity, to secure a career as being a specialist. Using audio books in everyday life will be a good argument when dealing with overseas partners and friends, as always, you can discuss this or that subject of such a book. Strengths in the use of audio books are indisputable, their use in the leading universities of the world, only proves this progressive method of teaching. Organization and schedule of the training will be provided fully detailed the formation of the educational process. Such an organization of proofreading English, conveniently formed in the general course of preparation of students, which may increase the effectiveness of the objective of proofreading. Analyzing these processes of teaching English for audiobooks, many professional proofreading have come to the conclusion that this immersion is not less effective than communication with native speakers. By developing a training program for audiobooks must take into account several aspects of the proofreading process.

Audiobooks vary depending on the method by which the written text of the audiobook. Audiobooks well-read native speaker - British and American speakers. Typically, these audiobooks are recorded on professional equipment in the studio. This is the best option for English language training for audio books. Audiobooks are not well-read native speaker, but linguists and English proofreading. These audiobooks too often written in the studio. This option is almost no way inferior to the previous one, except that when listening to audio books such speech perception skills are developing a native speaker is not so active. Audiobooks are read by amateurs. Often found audiobook that is usually stored in the home. The authors of these audiobooks are people who speak good English, but are not linguists. In terms of perception of the speech of a native speaker, these audio books are almost useless. However, they are useful for listening to replenish its vocabulary. Audiobooks created using computer programs. There are so-called program of TTS (Text-to-Speech), which translate text into audio. The result can hardly be called an audio book, because a computer program is not able to reproduce the tone and say the words together. These audio books are not suitable to teach English.

What are the benefits of audio books in English. Firstly, audiobooks in English - is the best way of perception by ear. This is a kind of linguistic training of their hearing. Listening to audio books in English, you perceive information in almost direct contact with native speakers, which can not be achieved with conventional reading books. Secondly, with the help of audio books in English Improve Your Vocabulary. Any book or story - is primarily interested in the events about which the book is written. And when a person is interesting, it will look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary, not to miss the thread of the narrative. Third, listen to audio books in English and at the same time to read the original text - a great way to exercise grammar. In this type of training, you see and hear real examples of the use of different grammatical structures. It is very hard to learn the rules of the dry and much easier to take them on live examples.

Method of proofreading the language of audio books in English. This method does not claim to uniqueness, however, its use is proved by many practical examples. This method of proofreading English using audio books requires spending 6-7 days per audiobook for up to 10 minutes. First step. Listen to the audiobook without looking at the text. Try to understand the meaning and ignore the grammar and syntax. At this stage, it is important to the perception of what he heard as a stream of thoughts, rather than individual words. Listen to audiobooks in English 3-5 times within one day. Second phase. Open the text and listen to an audiobook. Read the text himself simultaneously with the speaker. Pay attention to the words, the translation of which is unknown to you. Try to guess from the context the meaning of these words. Then check yourself in the dictionary. For quick access to the dictionary, double-click on a word in the text. Listen to audiobooks in English and read the text himself 3-5 on the second day of training. Adhering to a strict schedule in listening to audiobooks in English, you can greatly improve your skills of perception of speech of a native speaker for 2-3 months.