During the whole process of proofreading or editing English is an accumulation of fatigue and stress conditions that may affect the achievement of the desired result. In order to remove these negative effects and optimize their work, it is necessary to make work and rest in the study of the English language.

         First you need to just try to make the task of editing and proofreading English is moderately difficult. This is done to increase the rate of moderate training, to save energy needed for future periods of English language training. This creates optimal conditions for proofreading & editing English. For example, if your homework on the English language seemed easy for you, you should report it to the teacher, then apply the creative approach, where it is necessary to consider this case study and understand where to apply their knowledge in life. In such a situation, if the job is very easy or too difficult, in which case there is unbalance our forces and capabilities comes a demotivating factor effect. Passage of training should be a little difficult, but realistic for successful implementation.

For an optimum ratio of the forces and capabilities must be clearly aware of their training time. In the allocation of his time necessary to understand that we all have in stock 168 hours a week, regardless of the circumstances and the situation, who we are, what we have or what we do. We need to know what and how much time we can devote. In this connection it is necessary to accurately determine for themselves when and how much you will learn the subject. This methodical approach should not lead you into the dreary state and reduce the embodiment of hope for all of this to life. Especially if you have a creative approach. Definitely we need to set a time for rest, unplanned situations, some spontaneity and uncertainty. But if we do not stick to your schedule and sequence of all, we can get a completely empty result, and accuse the teacher because he was insufficiently proficient or herself that nebyli well organized.

For optimum preparation of work and rest, it is necessary to know what time of day you are training to be more effective. If you are experiencing difficulties in studying the subject, do not need to carry self-study by the end of the day, when it would be difficult to understand that either, because at the end of the day fatigue accumulates, and you will have nothing to want, not to mention the English language. It is necessary to distribute their work so that first of all would make it more difficult and least favorite job. For good motivation, you can reward yourself, such as watching a good film, sweets, and so on. With this method of training is necessary to learn how to break complex topics in a series simple. Start with more complex tasks, then move to the lungs.

For efficient and optimum performance on courses of English classes in the group come prepared. The training has to be reconstructed from their native language into English. In order to be easier to perceive this transition, look ahead and read the next tutorial material that you are only going to take place in a group of English. For this we need to understand at least a basic understanding of the subject, the content and meaning of the educational section.

Promptly disassembled future material - namely, what words, phrases or whole sections you would not understand, you can focus on them and think about what questions to ask and participate in a conversation in class. This method of managing your time will help us to keep their training under the supervision, to achieve specific goals and results within a certain time. Thus, we can see a gradual and targeted success, it is very important to support their motivation.

Considering the system of work and rest, an important role in proofreading and editing motivation plays a vacation. Our vital energy is an inexhaustible source. In this regard, the majority of people work schedule is only one-third of the day, with two days of rest per week and has one month a year for vacation. The human brain huge stock of resources, but it is necessary to give him a break. As an example, you can bring one of the last polyglots, who said that he had never worked for more than fifteen minutes. Mode of operation with a break for 3-5 minutes every 20-30 minutes will help keep our minds fresh and sharp for 4-5 hours. At this rate of proofreading & editing, we will not necessarily be much distracted from their work. A clear pattern in the education system can not be determined. Each student will be able to develop its optimal technique. Which will optimize its resources and powers in order to achieve maximum results. Each person has his own perception of time, some breaks will be moments for others such interruptions drag on for long minutes. The main need to know and decide what is most appropriate for us to apply this method.

When proofreading & editing and applying various techniques, you must know and remember that the main purpose of recreation - it is relaxing. If you do something abstract, then at some time it reached a certain degree of relaxation. There are suitable options such as tea or make yourself easy to do gymnastics. It has long been proved that the effective functioning of the brain and maintain its performance require a lot of oxygen-rich blood. If properly applied some simple exercise, it will increase the amount of oxygen to the brain by twenty percent. For many, an option can be used the following method when it will be enough just to look away from the text to look into the distance to the environment, which is done outside on the street, and so on. This method is effective when the quest is quite limited.

There is such wording as "stopping the internal dialogue", this method aims to help us in proofreading and editing a foreign language. If you consider this method, you need to understand that in our mind is constantly going on an internal dialogue. This dialogue takes place in communion with himself. We are creating a world of interconnected internal circumstances and plans, emotions and goals, we tell ourselves that we need to do. This internal dialogue is a constant struggle excuse herself or condemnation. The process of understanding of certain events occurring in our lives. So, the task and the purpose of this method is to stop this internal dialogue. Now try to figure out how to do it. Alternatively, you can just stop to talk. If you are at the table, you can lean back, close your eyes, and try no to think about nothing. The easiest way to do this, if the focus on any part of his body or some abstract thing at all.