The main indicator of the application of this method is the ability to use the effect of "stopping the internal dialogue." For example, if you turn your attention fixed on your hands, it will effortlessly stop our internal dialogue. But if you watch TV, do the cleaning in the house, or doing anything else that could take our brains work, the effect of relaxation come. We must remember that productive work has always favored a productive stay. For a long time there is a saying that works well only those who are well rested. In stepping up the pace of training and related motivation, the effect of the accumulation of fatigue will destroy these two aspects in training. You can definitely say that fatigue - is the worst enemy of progress and motivation. Based on the foregoing, work and leisure must be clearly balanced and optimized, and correspond to the level of our performance and the degree we need rest.

In order to balance work and leisure, you need to be very motivated, which achieves some success in proofreading. That is, to see that our efforts are appended in our favor and provide good results, which are paying off in full. But in order to learn successfully and efficiently, you must understand how you learn. You need to determine how we perceive information better - at the hearing, visually, for specific tasks, and so on. How is memorization of new information, ie through repetition, impressions, associations, building relationships, note-taking, group data, and so on. It is important to understand a question as to what time of day proofreading for us most favorably. It can be morning, afternoon, evening, night. It gives us new material, we are proofreading fast or slow when discussing this matter with someone, or when we study it yourself, do we need "dedlayns" or we will do everything in its time; etc. From these questions depends on the success of proofreading. We need to determine how we learn and how we learn best. And on the basis of the data obtained to develop their personal skills training, the ones that will work for you. Make them a habit. Learn effectively in a short time. Success is guaranteed, subject to the regime of work and rest and motivation, respectively. For good perception and optimal distribution of the forces necessary to avoid proofreading. Learning training materials necessary to understand and find meaning. Our brain is so constituted that he is trying to understand the new information and establish meaningful due to the fact that we already know. The brain is built so that it identifies, evaluates, and "writes" a new material in the appropriate section of its "file system" of our memory. Systematic zubrenie and unconscious repetition can completely extinguish our motivation and further complicate the pursuit of proofreading. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and make sense of the larger context, you are working on the topic. The best way is to learn new words in a thematic conjunction and in the context of the proposals. In preparing the material necessary to try to find the meaning. Consider the logical sequence and the characteristic patterns for the rule. We must focus on the main thing, not paying much attention to minor details. It is necessary to grasp the basic idea to read the text, try to follow this idea. During the training, some words you can not understand, in this case, try to determine the possible meaning of the word in the sense of the context.

Using this method, optimized reserve forces of the organism, which will not be wasted in empty. To improve proofreading, try to build a picture of the educational text, and later check as far as you get. You saw some specific points in the context of a larger. If you have trouble himself up to the task alone and that bears some difficulties, utilize the help of others, such as your instructor. As a result, the main rule, understand the material. If you do not fully understand the information, as it should be understood, though, let's look for meaning and their understanding of any material. To determine we can say this: there is no point in the job - there is no point in its execution.

Determining your health during training, understanding at what level is your work and rest, occurs during the evaluation of the results of your training. Here you can wonder how the impact assessment on the psycho-emotional state in the process of proofreading a foreign language? What grades are encouraged to set up and proofreading? If, in studying perfectly stable and it is for you and everyone around you is a measure with certainty that continue to motivate yourself. If the score of "excellent" is an indication that you do not have much to learn, go to a higher group and achieve maximum results there. This will properly allocate your energy and opportunities. Well, if you are "unsatisfactory" it is a motivator, then it suggests motivation for expulsion, in this case, you must rebuild your work schedule and work and rest, that would find all the gaps and problems that prevent you to achieve decent results in their studies.

So, for successful construction work and rest need to understand and know their assessment. This assessment reflects your psycho-emotional possibilities at this stage and future periods of training that can correct your work and rest. First you need to try to give yourself the very objective and honest assessment of their knowledge and capabilities. This assessment will play a major role in training and have real meaning. You have to understand that the assessment of the teacher is quite conventional. Everyone in the group of English language courses given by its initial spurt. As someone in the group already have some knowledge of the language, someone they do not have any. The level of proofreading the language is different, someone is given it is easier to someone the same thing is much more complicated. In this regard, we have to correct themselves and allocate their strength and capabilities, to know how well we have fulfilled the task. For a good mood and improvement of work and rest in the study of English, motivate and reward yourself. This is best fit the following approach to its assessment of proofreading - is to celebrate its achievements. See a good movie with ice cream. This will help rejuvenate and relax. This method again to confirm and consolidate understanding within you that you can, and most importantly increase the desire to continue proofreading.

Summing up, I want to say a few summarizing tips. Firstly, we need to just start working. At the same time constantly assert the following theses: "I love to learn!" or "I love this theme!" If you have no desire to learn - view your work and rest, analyze and draw a conclusion what the problem is. Correctly distribute their strength and capabilities, it is possible to achieve good results.