In a rapidly developing world, with each passing day increases the demand in the knowledge of the English language, which has become more integrated into modern society. Knowledge and proficiency in English can increase their job opportunities in the prestigious company and further progress up the career ladder. But the volume of the knowledge gained at school or university, is not quite sufficient for the formation of a conscious conversation in English.

Education in the usual manner for many makes it impossible to communicate with its natural native speakers. As an option to communicate with the tutor rests on the financial issue. If there is no consistent pattern of the forgotten language skills, knowledge is lost. Therefore, the restoration of knowledge should take place in the constant practice of the English language. Given this method, many people find themselves in an English speaking country, learn English in a very short period. For those who can not live in another country of the target language, a good helper to learn English to be an audiobook.

At this stage of the practice such audio books are a way to synthesize the written and spoken text in English. The students follow the text on the screen while listening to the announcer reads the text. From experience and research, we have found that listening to audio books, which are developed and well-read by professional speakers, together with the simultaneous reading of the text facilitates learning English. Such studies of European and US scientists have proved that this method of teaching used in this learning material is reduced to thirty percent of the time required to memorize new words. Such perceptions contribute to a variety of factors, the most significant of which is the synchronized operation of the left (mainly responsible for decoding visual signals) and right (focus on the perception of the meaning of similar sounds, pauses, accents, etc.) hemispheres of the brain. This allows you to increase the perceived wealth of knowledge and serves as an auxiliary receiving proofreading verbal memory. In consequence of working with this method, formed stage of proofreading for audio books that provide a good opportunity to expand your vocabulary of English listener, easier understanding of both oral and written language. This method of proofreading allows you to make progress in the direction of pronunciation and diction, which in turn will give a good development of spoken language. Considering the system of proofreading for audiobooks, we can certainly say that it is a strong, well-balanced and flexible system of proofreading the listener where the built structure provides a quick understanding and assimilation of information. Achieving this goal in teaching is characterized by the results from the use of audio books. These audiobooks greatly improve the quality of language and literacy skills in the use of colloquial English. Audiobooks make it possible to form a vocabulary, which is the base value for the conversation, as the human imagination is stimulated and increased fluency and speed reading books, textbooks, newspapers and magazines.

Considering the way of working with audio books, you can tell that this is happening to familiarize with frequency structural components offer the English language, as well as various models of pronunciation. Formation of the system of reading the student contribute to audiobooks through which is an increase in the perceived information volume per unit of time and is well promotes a love of reading.

Jobs in the audience is always associated with different levels of students, this is a course and even tutoring sessions. Application audiobooks substantially equalize opportunities of students in these classrooms. This factor is due to the fact that the students or the students receive additional, modern linguistic expressions and phrases of the English language, while stimulating the ability to understand each person in the class, regardless of their individual abilities and proofreading. As a result of the proofreading students become capable of sharing and group proofreading with joy uchuvstvuyut in joint activities that take place in a nice friendly atmosphere.

At these sessions, audiobooks promote the development of skills important to allocate and to exclude parts that could significantly affect the spoken language of the listener. Audiobooks develop the same skills of language transformation and structural design proposals towards normativity, simplicity and brevity of using the English language. Ease of use audiobooks is mobility proofreading, they can listen in any place convenient for you, and at any time. This allows the creation of individual graphics, in which you can organize mobile proofreading audiobooks. Audiobooks listened well with almost any modern gadgets that are always at hand.

Consider the technique of working with audio books. To start with quality education need to focus on a common understanding of the text. We must try to grasp its main idea, his essence. If such an understanding is not present, i.e. what is at stake in the text, then it is possible and it is necessary to clarify the meaning of certain words in the dictionary. Since even the professionals do not always possess all the vocabulary of the English language. When you listen to the text, be sure to concentrate on the pronunciation of each word and the pronunciation. This proofreading adhere to a rule - "a little bit better, but the quality, than a lot, but superficially." When the learning process, you will understand the text in general, then you can clarify the meaning of unfamiliar words for active vocabulary. To do this, select a passage and is fully translated into Russian. With this method of learning, you can learn many new words - adjectives, synonyms already famous words.

It is important to practice regularly and consistently. Make a schedule of classes, select a preprogrammed time and deal with every day. The experience of occupation, have seen that need to be engaged in little but often, this method is always better than to engage in a lot, but sometimes. Secure for yourself, at what stage of learning oral text will sound to you as clear and understandable as the lyrics in Russian, in this case, go to the passive listening - driving a car, when you do some work during the holidays. The more time you spend on this activity, the more productive and efficient is your proofreading.