Microsoft Word Track Changes is a function of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Track Changes Function is a feature that allows to our proofreader to show you what kind of changes have been made to your proofread document. Track changes tool can be found on the Microsoft Word Reviewing tab.

When track changes option is switched on, you should be able to see insertions and any formatting changes in your proofread document. These notes are for Windows Based Users. Any deleted text in the Microsoft Word document by our editors will turn up with a line through it, and any inserted text by will turn up underlined. These notes are for Mac users. Any deleted text turn up on the right hand margin, and any inserted text turn up highlighted in the main document body.

There are four ways to view a proofread document:

  • Final Showing Markup:  To display all changes and comments in your proofread document select Final Showing Markup or Original Showing Markup
  • Final:  To see the proofread document without the changes displayed
  • Original Showing Markup:  Display document with the changes displayed
  • Original:  Display document without any changes.

View a proofread document in Microsoft Word

Accept and Reject individual items in Microsoft Word

Accept and Reject individual items in the proofread document

We suggest you go through the whole proofread document and either accept or reject the changes which have been made by our proofreader at your document. Accept or reject the changes please click the right button of your mouse, over any of the red words, and a menu shows up. Then you can select to Accept or Reject the change. Accepted changes will integrate to your proofread document. Rejected changes will be removed from your proofread document.

Accept all changes in the document

To accept all changes at once, click the Accept drop-down arrow, then select Accept All. Please note: "Reject All Changes" option will not remove comments done by proofreader. If your would like to delete all comments in the proofread document, select "Delete All Comments"

Accept all suggestions and changes in the proofread document

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