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Under modern conditions of the information stream in versatile life spheres, a need in prompt translation and proofreading of texts and documents from a native language into English arises. For correct and competent preparation of documents in English to be submitted to a company, a university (college), social service, the importance of a high-quality translation and proofreading of the text should be taken into account for optimum solution of one’s issue when filing documents with different organizations and services. At this stage of translation and proofreading, selection of an English language translation and proofreading company is a key factor and prerequisite for achieving a positive result when filing the documents. More about choosing a proofreading company you can read on our site.

Proofreading Services

The market of editing and proofreading services offers a full range of services in solving these matters. Taking into account the requirements of organizations, services and companies of the country, where the documents are filed, consideration should be given to the following factors – a translation and proofreading company’s conformance to the specified requirements, terms and conditions of providing a comprehensive package of services in translation and proofreading, its location, history, feedback from clients.

When choosing a editing and proofreading company, it is essential to consider availability of native speakers in the company, English men with the appropriate education and special training, as this will ensure a high-quality and reliable transition of texts (diplomas, theses, documents, CV etc.). The number of employees is the characteristic parameter of a translation and proofreading company, as it testifies to the volume of work as a measure of the company’s being in demand and the professional qualities of its employees. The license for provision of such services and the company foundation history will be the basis for confidential relations between the client and the company. An important element of the company selection is its position in the rating line of the search engines. The company’s presence in the first lines of the search engines proves its reliability and being in demand, serious and reputable position in the competitive market of these services

Proofreading technical support

The company should also have its clients technical support at all stages of cooperation, as there are moments, when the text part of the document is changed during translation and proofreading, in order to be able to contact at all stages of the document processing. If all these requirements to a translation and proofreading company are satisfied, mistakes and discrepancies, which may lead to misunderstanding of the text or the document, resulting in additional efforts and time consumption and financial losses can be avoided. An English language translation and proofreading company can provide for further document support at all stages of the document passage through all services of different institutions.

When documenting the terms and conditions of these services provision by the English language translation and proofreading company, the company shall grant the client a guarantee period, within which he/she can apply for correction of mistakes and the text proofreading at the company’s expense, or lodge objective claims. The company that does not provide the guarantee obligations cannot ensure the optimum and high-quality translation and proofreading of the text at a required level.

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Proofreading Company in UK

Proofreading is a reliable proofreading company in UK used by hundreds of thousands of international students each year. Proofreading has a professional team of editors who check the documents of international students. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced native English Speakers holding PhD's in different subjects.

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