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Proofreading company offers professional document editing and proofreading services for international students and professionals.

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Academic Proofreading Services

Our academic proofreading and editing specialists help international students and academic researchers improve and reach the highest written standards. We require that all of our academic proofreaders be experienced researchers who hold both PhD's and published papers in respected scientific journals. Our generalist background gives us a familiarity with most of the common themes in the sciences. We have spent our career reading some of the most difficult thinkers, and we are confident in our ability to interpret your writings. Our competency is especially developed in almost any academic subjects.

We have proofread documents including:

  • Theses & Dissertations
  • Non-technical essays & reports
  • Technical essays & reports
  • Journal Articles & conference papers
  • University application forms
  • Covering letters
  • Personal statements
  • Statements of purpose

When publishing a scientific article or writing an essays, every international student and academic specialist attempts to correctly compile a work, as the future of career of each person depends on it. In this case, the changes and comments that can be used in such work, are very helpful for giving information correctly without errors and gaps. Further use of such changes and comments made by our proofreader can greatly facilitate the work on new scientific articles, which will be used in further publications in popular editions. Our proofreading company tries to comment on the work as much clearly as possible. The results of such work can be total achievement of success of article's publication.

Business Proofreading Service

Business Proofreading Services

In the rapidly developing world, demand for knowledge of the English language is growing day by day, that is being more deeply integrated into the contemporary society. Knowledge and command of the English language allows to increase own chances for employment in a prestigious company and further progress on the career ladder. However, the extent of knowledge gained at school or University turns out to be not quite adequate for formation of conscious conversational speech in English.

Our business proofreading team will help you create a positive and professional image with each business writing you release, both internally or externally. Every proofreading project has our close care, and we meet your deadlines whether you are a one person or introduce a business with hundreds of employees.

Also, team can turn a translated document into an excellent translation and deliver an priceless service for businesses who work internationally. For professional business websites, we seize the keywords essential in attracting an audience and use direct, jargon-free language to expand on the provided content.

Personal Proofreading

We have proofread documents including:

  • CV and cover letters
  • Letters and correspondence
  • Speeches
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Newsletters
  • E-mails

Increasingly growing interrelation between countries and continents, integration processes taking place in our contemporary innovative world require unified forms of communication between communities and cultures. English has become this large-scale communication means. English as a form of interrelation and communication has become already a forced necessity in the contemporary world. Almost every contemporary area of the society’s life activity depends today on knowledge of English. Development of innovation technologies such as Skype and Viber allows to ensure full interaction in English between the whole world community, where there are no borders between countries and continents. This ensures an innovative approach in solving many tasks and problems in industry, medicine, education and other areas.

Personal Proofreading

The primary tasks, that the world community sets oneself, is to ensure full interaction at all levels of its development, religious, political, cultural, technical and so on. Historical integration of English in the world community was caused by the high rate of development of the world civilization, provided by trade, cultural ties, the British expansion to other continents. This interrelation at the present day is necessary for allocation of a single innovative component in the world community and transition to a single language of communication. That will allow to increase the global progress in the global scale.

Proofreading Services

Any document, regardless of their specialisation, should be clear and not only competent, but also have a clear structure, a certain style of presentation, pleasing to the visual perception, as well as contain all the necessary information. In order to make it so it is not necessary to completely rewrite, simply edit. Proofreading and editing - this is one of the essential parts in the professional work with the text. Original document should be verified for full compliance with spelling, grammar and punctuation rules. In addition, it should be possible to correct English mistakes and check the text on its logical and compositional compliance with accepted norms. It is very important in the adjustment process to implement the use of particular terminology, eliminating the possibility of misreading or use of a term. Language is able to separate people and become the most effective means of communication. Demand for high-quality proofreading service is huge - it gives the opportunity to work in this field for many businesses and individuals. However, this diversity leads to some difficulties to choose a decent professional proofreading service. Especially when there is no clear understanding of the relevant principles of selection. Cheap proofreading service is not always good, the cost of high-quality proofreading can not be lower than the border, which has developed in the market transfers. If the proofreading agency in UK or in any other city offers to pay the price for their work, it is clearly too low, very likely to get low-quality material. Direct contact with the client - is an important component in the work of a professional proofreading agency.

Qualified assistance in proofreading is a complicated and responsible work. The process of editing is not limited to the analysis of the text, followed by the correction of possible errors. Because the themes and types of source documents can be very different, there is a need to adhere to style, composition and logical rules adopted in various areas of communication, to cut unnecessary parts of the text in the documents or use a purely literary writing rules.