Proofreading and Editing content - is the main form of literary editing of literary works, known more as "the development of the manuscript." If the author realizes that his manuscript is not all right with the literary history, story, plot, composition, structure, and other basic elements of a literary work, but he is not able to correct them in the revision of the manuscript, he can, avoiding criticism, immediately contact for developmental editing.

Developmental Proofreading and Editing aims to answer the basic question: "What's wrong with the idea, theme, plot, structure and composition of the product?" Developmental Editor is a manuscript as a single a completed picture and analyses the idea and theme of the work, the plot and the plot, structure, composition, point of view and type narrator, conflict motives. During this work, the editor refers to the specific problems of the manuscript: distortions in the structure of the work (for example, to tighten the preface, too late collision, crumpled crisis breaking composition temporary gaps in literary history), inconsistencies in the story and the plot incorrectly selected narrator, all kinds of logical and semantic inconsistencies, poor motivation of the characters and the illogic of their development, insufficient study (being unclear) characters, the lack of unity of style, the uncertainty of the target reader (author of the breaking through the open gate, such muddled philosophy bulk as Socrates did not understand), and others. In this editor, revealing the problems of the manuscript, the author may propose to reduce or, conversely, to add, swap the change needs to be corrected fragments give the author their own specific reasons for their processing. Personal genre preferences editor does not matter. The editor, for example, may dislike tough detective, but he will understand, based whether your detective story at an interesting crime, assess the plan works, whether inherent to the genre steep conflict is valid whether the image of the offender, if there is enough credible (in terms of achieving artistic truth Of course, not a detective of the criminal law) to solve crimes, whether satisfactory climax, correctly placed key scenes, and others.

Through developing editorial writer receives feedback he learns what elements of the work are working and which need to be adjusted. Often there is a developmental editor assures the author change the plan, change genre, replace some of the characters and remove / add story lines, and even suggest the tone and style (style) in which you want to write this work, change the target reader. While not every able editor and wish to do so. Developmental Editor editing requires a completely different skill set than stylistic editing.

In developing proofreading requires an absolute majority of the manuscripts beginners. Often aspiring writers, the first time he saw a huge number of editorial comments and convinced of the futility of continued scribbling, at the time of lay venture to become a writer, and are studying, for example, the School of Proofreading. Very rarely, an aspiring writer yourself in its own juice, is able to pull his manuscript directly to the stylistic (in fact, cosmetic) text editing.

Developing the editor reads the manuscript several times and monitors the insertion author corrected, but not engaged in editing the text, because the majority of manuscripts in need of serious revision: it makes no sense to grind style of the manuscript from which may be removed or rewritten large pieces (sometimes more 150 pages) of text.

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Proofreading and Editing helps you to check your document carefully to prepare you document to be error free and and correct any English grammar errors. This will keep you document from getting a possible mistakes.

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