This is a general assessment of the manuscript revealed only when the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, without editing its elements. Specific issues manuscript literary critic only celebrate and give general suggestions for improvement, and all corrections author will deal with himself. Review or critical comment on manuscript average volume of 300-500 pages author will receive a 8-10-page text.

For the purposes of proofreading the editor reads the manuscript only once: fluent, scenes, analysing only a few paragraphs, sentences and words. Here the main thing - to ensure interesting material for the reader, clarity, lack of rough semantic, structural and other errors. A quick reading of an experienced editor is enough to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and the author's ability to implement his plan.

Why not send a critical review only a small portion of the manuscript to proofread it?

Many authors, having read the rules of admission of manuscripts literary agents in the West, sent to review only the first chapter of his work or the first 60 pages of text. But these Western law to the present case do not fit. The proofreading process of the first chapters of which gives a little, because the editor does not know all of the work and therefore is unable to assess its composition, structure, plot, key scenes, the final and so on. D.

Here the authors confuse the problem of free literary editor with the objectives of the editor of the publishing house or literary agent, who really only look at the first page and it decide the fate of the manuscript. If we evaluate the manuscript artistic work (a novel, for example) only sent by the first few chapters, the literary critic could make representation only introductions and conflict of descriptions, the style of the characters (portraits, etc..), The language works, grammar, More about something, but the composition of the most important elements of the Aristotelian plot (the crisis, isolation ...) will not considered, as these elements work as time may require significant changes. Middle and end of the work (the ending - this is one of the so-called "strong position" of text) did few of aspiring writers succeed: all authors are beginning to write very cheerfully, but by the mid - literary history fades by the end - dries.

Get the critical feedback on your manuscript is especially helpful for aspiring writers. In this review the author realizes, if he needed content editing (the development of the manuscript) is sufficient to restrict or stylistic (in fact, cosmetic), editing, or even do not need him. The latter, of course, out of science fiction: the stylistic editing is not required unless the works of Flaubert, Turgenev and Lermontov, the best stylists in the literary world. Author of the best to spend 200-300 dollars for a critical review, then to save a much larger sum on developing his editing of the manuscript.


Proofreading means checking your document carefully to find and correct any English grammar errors. This method keeps you from getting a possible mistakes in you written document.

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