The Influence of the English Language on the Professional Activity of the International Student Community

The progressive globalisation of the contemporary world in the economic, political, technologic, demographic and other domains results in the inevitability of finding the optimal communications between these vital spheres. One of the key factors of these communications is the English language, which is historically and geographically recognised as the global communication language in diverse life activity spheres of the entire modern world.

Let us consider in this aspect the role of the English language and proofreading services in the international student community’s determination of its purposes with regards to the professional activity. The international students’ exchange, extensively practised now, enables sharing experience, knowledge, culture, technologies. In this case, the English language is the main and optimum mode of communication, as well as in writing scientific papers and articles, thesis works, graduation papers, preparation of documents for universities throughout the world. The quality of translations from the native language into English in this case plays the crucial part in conditions of the market economy and self-positioning as a specialist, to launch the career in the modern society. The model of the contemporary world makes possible the increasingly active use of the English language in each student’s future profession. When writing thesis works, graduation papers etc., it is important to give consideration to the English expressions, grammar, spelling, for the document to be perceived correctly and to achieve the purpose, i.е. enrolment at a university, successful interview, employment, proper filing documents with various organizations etc.

What directly affects the correct spelling of the text, its translation and proofreading? The quality of writing the text, its formatting and subsequent translation and proofreading equally depend both on the author of the subject and the proofreader, and on different thematic components of the text, interrelation between sections, items, paragraphs etc. The key factor in creation of a high-quality and correct text is applying to a proofreader, who will properly process the text, correct it, with translation into English, considering at that grammar, expressions, spelling. Usually, a good translator, linguist and proofreader is a native speaker, for whom English is a mother tongue. It offers the possibility to take into account certain language specificity, its dialect, slang. For example, in Great Britain the inhabitants of Wales and Scotland have different dialects, turns of speech. Generally, when analysing the situation with text translation from the native language into English, we understand that in case of achieving the purpose of getting a good English text in order to make it correctly perceivable, one shall consider the importance of selecting a editor and proofreading company, cooperation with him/her, consultations. Specialised websites of different companies, providing such services, require a careful approach, as the quality of the text depends on the adequate choice of the English language proofreader, proving services in translation and proofreading. As a rule, Google search engine finds an abundance of websites dedicated to the English language translation and proofreading. Attention should be paid to the website rating, its position in the search line, customer feedback. The more frequently visited the website is, the higher is its rating, which means - more competitive and successful than other companies, operating in this service market.

The global informatisation and computerisation of the world student community leads to the English language absorption and wide penetration in to the students’ sphere. In this aspect, the technical documents in English play a core role in training the student’s professional skills in the English language communication. The correct and competent handling of such documents by the English language proofreader enables quick and prompt implementation of any business project, both local and international. The foreign language proofreader is quicker and more competent in finding all mistakes and faults in the text, which may adversely affect the correct interpretation of the information. This is the optimum variant of the text processing, it saves the time to implement other tasks and projects, posed before modern students: chemists, medical students, physicists, biologists, geographers, mathematicians etc. Any material, related to a student’s professional activity, deamnds a good translation or proofreading to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies, which will be corrected by the professional foreign language proofreader. Also, the influence of the English language on the modern student community is conditioned historically and geographically. The culture of many cultures in the world came under the influence of England, which had colonized many peoples. English is the national language in a great deal of countries. Moving in a country for work or study, one needs strict and clear translation, which can be provided by the English language proofreader. The importance of this issue consists in the prompt receipt of a visa, a work or study permit, an interview at the embassy, visiting friends or relatives. Formation of the culture of communication in English in the international student community ensures implementation of the potential capabilities and objectives each modern student aims at.

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Summarising the influence of the English language on the professional activity of the international student community, it can be said that this process has been already formed as the mechanism to unite different opinions, cultures, beliefs, which creates conditions for the modern student community to join the contemporary developing world. Opening are the new opportunities in creation of the new directions in development of the scientific engineering potential in all the corners of the planet, as the high-level specialists are in demand all over the world. Companies are striving to select the best top managers, young researchers. It is the most valuable resource for the companies, which could be in their possession in the nearest future, in the long term. All these factors ensure the interaction between the companies and specialists, who are also interested in promising outlooks of their work and scientific research, where English and proofreading service plays the key role in communication and efficient response for successful implementation of these projects. As the global experience shows, the success of this trend is conditioned by the comprehensive progress of the world economy, during which a lot of spheres are unified, the language sphere among them, where English currently became a language of the planetary scale.

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