Many companies also provide training in the workplace, when allocated time and invited professors. Typically recruited a group of motivated employees that are associated with the use of English at work. On these courses offer timely information on business English, presentations and talks practiced in a playful way. These classes are very useful, since they take into account all the specifics of the work of managerial staff. In this case, the company is interested in the fact that the employee had not lost time tutors and immediately applied the knowledge gained in the workplace. During these sessions dealt with promptly all work situations that arise in the course of communication with customers. That is very convenient, as a teacher, you can work on these lessons are very many questions. In most cases, these courses are free for the employees, making them attractive. Educational materials, space and schedule of courses as provided by the company. Such courses allow online video conference between students, on Skype or Viber. For the employees of these courses are a kind of test their aptitude, as the company is serious about the results of such training, which could affect their careers. Control of the study of English staff borne by the company, conducting tests and tests of English business language. In these groups of employees to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support for each other, which can be applied in the work processes. Priority is given to the ability to communicate and work with clients is very interested in what the company's management, as it affects the income and development of the company at the international level. In fact, at this moment the company is investing in its own capital for the future development. By adjusting the schedule of these courses among the different formulations of management, the company will be able to form a stable platform for the creation of a strong management that will bring the company to a new level of development in international relations. The quality of staff training should primarily affect the proper communication managers on the phone in English. Proper communication managers on the phone is a very important and serious consideration when dealing with customers. Such qualities as courtesy and discipline must be present when communicating with customers and employees. Here are some useful recommendations how to communicate by telephone in English and how to apply some of phrasal verbs in English, which will help make your business more colloquial speech and occupational. In a telephone conversation, you should always follow certain manners. Talking on the phone, it is important to be polite and friendly. At the stage of communication manager is the face of the company, so you should try to radiate only positive mood in everyday life and so many troubles and stress. Try to use phrases such as: - could you, would you like to (you could not, you would not want to), and - please, when I ask for something. Many companies use the proofreading services to check the documents for proper grammar usage and flow.

It must be remembered that the conversation ends with the words: -Thank you and Goodbye.

Prepared manager of international destinations should be prepared for any situation in a conversation. In the early stages on the phone in English, it may be stress. This means that you will need to write a short script a conversation, and determine for themselves how to respond to those kinds of aphids other calls, or else make a few basic phrases that you frequently use, but under stress, forget to tell. These records are required when talking in English on the phone comes with a stranger, and then using records can take control of the conversation. In these pre-prepared phrases, when you have a summary of what you have to say, your thoughts themselves are formulated in advance. This short script can be used, for example if you are confused or huddled in conversation. A good manager must master the English phrasal verbs. This is a good way to improve your communication skills in English on the phone. In a telephone conversation using some of the most common English phrasal verbs that you can use with confidence.

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