Posted on 8th Jun 2016 00:06:02 in Proofreading

Writing the Thesis in English

Thesis in English is a scientific project, the research, the development of a scientific problem and its solutions, your personal contribution to science that will lead you to a scientific degree. Why do people write a thesis? First of all, appreciate the benefits of writing a research paper for your profession. If you are engaged in the teaching work, it certainly is a plus. If you are a private business, it is necessary to think, whether it will bring you an additional income. Let's say, you are running a commercial organization, whether the company’s management will pay you more? Sometimes employers prefer not to hire Ph.Ds. fearing their personal ambition, a sense of superiority over other employees, and inability to work as a team. A large factor in the decision to write the thesis is the presence of time. Writing the thesis is also a significant cost of physical resources. Evaluate your load by working on main job; in the evening you just cannot have enough time and effort to engage in scientific work. Writing the thesis involves considerable expenses not only time, but also mental resources. To write a qualified scientific work, you need to read a lot of different publications, articles, and scientific papers, to conduct research, to carry out experiments, etc. Thus, you have to ask the employer to allocate you a free time to work on his thesis—whether he / she agree to this?

But if you still decided to write a thesis in the English, you need to think about the following. If your native language is not English, in the first place, you need perfect literate language proficiency, speaking skills, and writing skills in English. While working on your science project, you will have a lot of reading, including the publication of authors in English, to attend scientific seminars, to communicate with colleagues from other countries, perhaps, to go on an internship abroad. In most cases, the dictionaries do not give an accurate translation of scientific terms. Therefore, the second important factor for writing the thesis in English is the mastery of specific expressions, terms, accepted exceptionally in the scientific community around the world, and this is accomplished by communicating with foreign colleagues, reading professional literature in the English, written exactly English-speaking authors, and visiting scientific seminars in the English. Good writing skills in English and rich vocabulary, including scientific terms, will allow you to make interesting and high-quality publications and articles, as part of the work on your thesis, and also to write a thesis itself at the proper level.

The next problem in the writing of the thesis in English is the choice of a theme. You have to understand clearly that the theme should be relevant, your conclusions and findings should not quickly become obsolete, and you need to clearly understand what the new you can say on this subject in a science, what creative ideas you can bring and what result it can give to the society and science in general.

We advise you not to choose narrowly focused themes, to choose a wide range of research; and you will give yourself the opportunity to bring more new ideas, expand opportunities for research and experimentation, and ultimately, get a better result. 


Statistical figures and numbers in a scientific article in English

The scientific articles with the figures and the numbers are in great demand and wide application among the modern scientific and business researching circles. Such method offers an opportunity to the author to reveal and present the theme of the article, the aim and the task of the project in a more accessible way. The successfulness of the article consists in the fact that a lot of scientific organizations and manufacturing companies are first of all operating with the figures and the numbers in tables and the graphics. An especially important role is played by the calculated technical and economical graphics and the tables for the engineers and the economists. It is purely by graphics and the tables with the help of the figures and the numbers that the given specialists can instantly define the importance and the usefulness of the article for the implementation of the given project in a scientific or a business environment. The implementation of the numerical values in tables and the graphics in a scientific article greatly increases the effectiveness and the success of the article. Such implementation happens in the marketing environment, for the calculation of the supply and demand in the markets.

Implemented technical and economical calculations, used in tables and the graphics, should be accurately and precisely in compliance with the information, which is presented with the help of the figures and the numbers in graphics and the tables. For such correct portrayal of information in English, the given resumes and calculations should be edited by the professional proofreader and editor, the native English speaker. All the world economical and technical documentation is mostly composed in English language and the success of the scientific article in any business project mostly depends on the quality of the offered information in English.

The application of the statistical figures and numbers in a scientific article in English is necessary for the build-up of the accurate and correct structure of the scientific article. The application of the results of a given research and achievement of the subsequent result will always depend on the accurate editing and proofreading service of the given text of the scientific article in English.