Posted on 28th Jun 2016 21:47:12 in Proofreading

Thesis in English

Also, a very important factor in the problem of thesis writing in English is setting goals in your work. Select one task and work on its implementation. You should not be wasted on some impossible tasks. Select one, but which stems from practical problems on your theme. This will save time and effort and give the best result.

A special topic in the work on your thesis is to write articles and publications. To write quality material that reflects the issues and challenges raised in your thesis, you need to master the technique of writing the text. If you have not done this before, it is a difficult task. Therefore, do not tighten with the writing of articles and publications. You have to write articles in their native language and then translate them into English, given that they will be read abroad. Often, articles in journals are thoroughly reviewed, so take care of writing literate material in English. Writing the thesis itself in English has its own structure, which consists of a thesis title, Annotation, Introduction, Chapters, and List of References of the author's abstract of the thesis. Annotation and Introduction is the first thing that everyone reads. Therefore, the text should be concise, clear, and understandable, and it has to reflect the tasks you had to decide, the relevance of the theme, and why this topic is interesting for the study.

The Chapters can be written in different styles, depending on the habits. But the text should be understandable, it should be clear what you want to say without hints; so try to avoid repetitions in the text and, most importantly, without grammatical errors. If the thesis in English, then, in this case, the main thing is not to use long sentences of 4-6 lines. Try not to use designations, which can distort the meaning of words and phrases. Remember, your work in English will be read by scientists from different countries. Try to make sure that the text of the thesis has been consistent; learn techniques of designing the text, as it can often be situations where in one chapter, you describe too much, and in another one, the text requires an additional enlargement. Control the amount of written text then you do not have to append or modify a chapter.

In conclusion, it is important to write what you have achieved, your significant results, and what you could achieve. If you refer in the list of references to foreign authors, they should be specified using the foreign language.

And finally, it should be mentioned that you need to examine the existing traditions in science, experience of colleagues defended theses, the recommendations of scientists; to master the skills of writing and proofreading texts in English, papers, and to use the rules adopted in the world, rather than creating your own. Show that you are a professional in your field. It is the success of your thesis that guarantees your personal success as a scientist and researcher.