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literate writing


As a rule, such new information is presented to the world community for everyone to see with the help of the scientific dissertations and the articles. As a result, there appear specialized scientific articles or dissertations written in English. In a given aspect, it is relevant to mention the matters of literate writing of the text or an article in English. The practical value of the offered information depends on the given factor. The unification of the methods and ways of writing of an English text draws the necessity of strict adherence to the rules of punctuation and the spelling. The mistakes in words, gaps and mistyped words do not allow the right and accurate perception of text to take place. Such text is very difficult for reading and comprehension. Hence, grammatically correct text is, in the first turn, presenting the comfort of perception of the reader’s audience. Literacy in writing of the text is also an element of respect towards the reader’s audience, a manager, business partner. Considering the competition in various spheres of the society, illiterately written text or an article can leave an impression of non-professional nature of the author, his or her illiteracy which will put the career of the writer in question, as well as the reviewed scientific project. There are ethical and cultural standards existing that come into play when the articles and dissertations are being published. It is necessary to be in strict adherence to the given parameters and the norms. 

There is professional set of principles that is used during the stage of preparation and the writing of the text in English. The primary aim of it is the writing of the accurate and grammatically correct text. By applying the given method, it is possible to minimize the mistakes and the shortcomings found in the text. It is necessary to read more English books as it is a unique way of increasing of the personal level of grammar and the spelling. Reading of the books allows not making the mistakes related to understanding of the long-standing phrases and expressions, perfecting and developing the vulgate in general. Such written article or a dissertation should pass the professional proofreading of the text by the editor specialist. It allows grammatically correct shaping of the English text in relation to the spelling, phonetics and the grammar.

It is extremely important to consider the expressions, grammar, spelling and orthography in English during the writing of the letters in English language, dissertations, diplomas, etc. As a result, such document will be taken in a right and qualitative way. The necessity of the literate and accurate writing of the text in English consists in subsequent perspective development of the scientific project of the dissertation. The literate and qualitative writing of the text, the subsequent formatting with the translation and the proofreading consists in responsible attitude of the author to his or her work, as well as the attitude of the proofreading specialist. The structural constituent of the various thematic constituents of this text, correlation of the paragraphs, chapters, sections and so on, will always be proofread and edited in an optimal way by the editor and the proofreading specialist of the English language. The main aspect of such work will be the cooperation with the proof-reader of the language that will correctly process the given text, will proofread and edit, taking grammar, expressions and the spelling into consideration. As a rule, good proof-reader is the native speaker for whom English is a native language. Such English speaking proof-readers will make the checking and proofreading of the written text in a more efficient and professional way.

Literate and accurate formatting and design of the texts and the articles by the proof-reader of the English language preserves possibility of quick and efficient sending of the business letter at the highest level. The proof-reader of the language reveals all of the flaws and mistakes that may affect the correct perception of information in a written text in a more efficient and grammatically correct way. Such option of the literate processing of text allows providing the necessary potential for the specialist and a scientist for the development of scientific and business directions. The modern, actual text or an article in English requires good editing and proofreading which will allow avoiding the mistakes and the flaws with the help of the proofreading specialist. Labour migration flows that are increasing all over the world require the immigrants to be literate in creation and writing of the necessary documents for staying in this or that English speaking country. Grammatically correct writing of the text in English is necessary for the receipt of the labour visa for the definite term of staying, residence or allowance for study and work. In case with the illiterate writing of such documents and the subsequent presenting of it to the migratory services, the result can be extremely negative.


The first stage is the preparation of the corresponding documents and the letters which should help the specialists and the students pass all the procedures of registration for the residence, study or work in an optimal way in a given country. It is very important in a case with the given format of writing and preparation of document to have all the prepared documents and papers processed in advance by the company that specializes in translation and the proofreading. With such cooperation the efficient-and-temporal moment is being optimized, a lot of strength and the energy are being saved and the costs are reduced to minimum. During the self-dependent formatting and design of such document, all of these factors are levelled, which may lead to the worsening of the situation. It may lead to re-registering and correction of the incorrectly made documents. Along with that, the aims and the tasks set in relation to placement in a job or the training of the specialists are made difficult in a significant way. Considering the necessity of presentation of the correct information, it is necessary to format and design all of the documents and the letters in a literate and correct way. If such need occurs, it is best of all to choose a company that specializes in proofreading and translations in the English speaking country as the effectiveness of the interview, offering of the job position or studies depend on it.