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Also, it is important to use the abbreviation in the text in order to identify quickly and refer to some concepts in the scientific article. Abbreviation is a short word, which consists of a reduction of the initial elements of the phrase. Also abbreviation is initials of abridgements; such words are formed by adding the initial letters of words or initial sounds. Abbreviations are widely used for professional and capacitive writing of scientific articles in English. Let’s consider the use of abbreviated words in the text. Abbreviation in the text is very important element of easy and compact writing of a scientific article where the main groups of the words used provide comprehensive connectivity of text that allows you to form meaningful components in its structure. At such formation of the text, certain structure of text abbreviations is created. That allows increase consistently and repeatedly the repeatability of semantic meanings in the text, and thus creates inter-phrase connection, increasing thematic inter-relation of the whole text.

Proofreading and use of abbreviations in the text allows you to provide a scientific article in English with complete range of meanings that allows you to convey quickly the main idea and focus of the scientific article. In scientific texts in addition to the conventional letter abbreviations letter abbreviations created by their authors are used; these abbreviations mean some terms from the respective areas of knowledge. At the same time the first mention of such abbreviations is indicated in parentheses after the full name; in the future they are used in the text without decryption. This allows form structural mobility of the articles with a particular context of the formation of a scientific article topic. In the future, using the abbreviation, there is the phase of creation of the notional part of the subject, where the article is composed of different abbreviations forming the subject with all semantic notion of the article. Convenience, usefulness and necessity of abbreviations use in the text are characterized by the fact that scientific article writing is formed by regular repetition of such literal values; this is achieved by means of various expressions and phonetic speech techniques.

Formation of the abbreviations on the optimal notion, interrelation between them will be the most effective if there will be a proofreading and verification of the text and abbreviations by a professional proofreader. This proofreading will take place on all final texts interconnected by abbreviations in the process of article formation. This is a very important point, since a lot of magazines allow use abbreviations at scientific articles publication. However, there are certain rules for the use of abbreviations that should be checked and corrected by means of proofreading company. Since, in the scientific may contain such kinds of abbreviations like letter abbreviations, abridgements, conditional graphic abbreviations from the initial letters of the words, conditional graphic abbreviations from word parts and initial letters.

Modern use of abbreviations at writing a scientific article is based on inter-phase unity of the text part of the subject. Any detailed text can be arranged in a special set of abbreviations. At the beginning of the topic core meanings ​​of abbreviations are selected; these are repeated word fragments. Then interrelation of semantic characteristics of the given word is formed, which generally can be formed as a set of text symbols. Created abbreviation forming structural interrelation of the subject for writing article in English, should be checked and proofread in English first. This factor is accompanied by the need for proper proofreading and coordinating thematic meaning of each abbreviation with the entire article subject. Since improper and incorrect meaning of basic abbreviations, without checking and proofreading of the text can only worsen the use and formation of these abbreviations for writing an article. Thus, proofreading of abbreviations formed in the article, carried out by a professional company is very important. This provides the best use of these abbreviated notations ​​for writing a structural article.

This method of use and selection of abbreviations in the process of writing is very productive and useful for each scientific article. Detailed checking and proofreading of articles prepared in English allows go through proofreading, carried out by a professional proofreading company of such stages as grammar and spelling proofreading at translation into English, phonetics and speech proofreading at various abbreviations. Successful thematic combination of proofread abbreviations in an article greatly improves the quality of scientific article and its effectiveness, which increases the possibility of the author to reach success among scientific community. Such a set of abbreviations will be very useful for future scientific and research articles. This will create the necessary basis for new opportunities by using abbreviations in scientific articles.