Posted on 2nd Jan 2016 23:45:45 in Proofreading, Translation

A unique language of communication to facilitate the emigration processes has been formed over centuries. English became such a unique communication language. The process of the English language influence on work emigration processes is very important from the point of view of the emigrants’ integration and adaptation in a foreign country, in a new society. The English language dissemination all over the world gives a huge incentive for the employable population to migrate between the continents and countries.

It is necessary to understand the modern provision of the language support in the countries, where the migrants mostly stay. In this case, a lot of government centres are established for learning English, understanding its specificity. In this sphere a very important role is played by the English language translation and proofreading companies, which will provide the proper processing of the documents for an emigrant’s successful integration in the country of stay. The optimum way will be to coordinate in advance with the company the issues of the texts and documents proofreading. English, as the world’s main communication language, ensures prompt solution of household, corporate, social and other problems for the emigrants. Considering multinationality of the emigrants, the annual increase in the stream, one can say that English is the guide in the stream of emigrants. The wide penetration of English plays a decisive role in accessibility of obtaining workplaces abroad for labour migrants. Also, grows the document flow between embassies, consulates and representations, where English is the language of international communication.

The emigrants’ adaptation in the social sphere is the integration policy of each state and society. Every English-speaking state is interested in development of the program of the emigrants’ adaptation in the country. On this the state's economic upturn, its social development depends. To support this process, the state centres for preparation, learning and English language teaching. The governments programs provide such courses free of charge, with full assistance to this progress from the government institutions. The translation and proofreading company can also provide support for emigrants in formation of the correct apprehension and use of the English language. In this context, the important role belongs to a timely and clear delivery of information for further proper choice of the trend in adaptation to the English language in everyday life, at work, in the society. In this case, the translation and proofreading company can cooperate with government English teaching centres.

The role of the integration processes in the English speaking countries is very important, because it makes it possible for these countries to build the dynamic industrial growth in high gear. Mobility and high proficiency of labour migrants enables quick response to versatile economic and market conditions in the contemporary world. The government’s efficiency in formation of labour reserves in different branches of economy provides for a wide range of dynamic spheres of production, medicine, science, machine-building etc., which, in its turn, forms profitability of the state budget, its gross domestic product. English, as the element of formation of the social consciousness of emigrants, understanding belonging to the new society, which welcomed them, provides for a positive trend in strengthening the social foundations of every labour migrant, thereby developing the civil society as a whole in a particular state. At a certain stage of formation of legal grounds for the migration policy of the states, the English language becomes a key link in this process formation. Preliminary tests and interviews are conducted in order to get a working visa for a certain period of stay. Relevant documents are prepared, which shall help the migrants to pass all the procedures required for living in a particular country in the best way. Taking into account that all the documents to be submitted can be processed in advance by the translation and proofreading company, and shall understand the importance of the time–efficient aspect, saving efforts and costs that could be spent for the repeated preparation and correction of the documents prepared in the wrong way. At that, the set goals and tasks in the emigrants’ employment are significantly simplified. Due to the necessity to submit the correct information, one shall make a correct and accurate choice of the translation and proofreading company in the country of stay, as this will determine the efficiency of the interview and employment.

Considering the geopolitical environment in the world, the role of the English language in the work emigration processes is increasing from year to year. Based on the great migration of the labour force between the countries, we can talk about a continuously changing number of the English speaking countries, which are now the industrially developed countries, with the developed infrastructure and economy, owing to the migration processes with the English language being the main positive factor. A role of the English language in the information – telemedia field should be mentioned, where the world news for the mainstream audience of the entire planet are covered in English, while highlighting all life spheres, including the emigration process. Thanks to this information, all the potential migrants can obtain the information about the future country of stay, with reflection of all the aspects and issues of the emigration life of the migrators, which will make it possible to initially choose the emigration direction, taking into account all the latest changes in the migrations system of different countries. Onwards, the English language’s role and influence on the global migration processes will only increase, considering the last world trends of industrialization and globalization of the main English speaking countries. To a certain degree, this process is facilitated by the economic component of these countries, interested in further development of their economies with attraction of labour migrants.