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That is why there are new trends that call for a change in the educational process methods. These new methods are based on the pupils’ free presenting of their thoughts. Well-bred speech (primarily a spoken language) turning later if necessary in writing, it considered to be the main aspect of this trend. Grammatical subtleties are regarded as an unnecessary aspect that should be studied by linguists. In this connection there is a question, whether the grammar at the school level is needed? Maybe it is possible to teach people of different professions speak English freely, beautifully and intelligently. Is the practical result the main thing? And if it is possible to achieve such a result, so maybe you should not complicate their not very competent writing: let proofreaders be engaged in it?

This article discusses the possibilities and methods of teaching the child English grammar and spelling at school. This aspect of training is very important for the student for many objective reasons. Receiving a prestigious and promising profession in future becomes a natural aim for each student. To do this, even at the stage of preparation of curriculum vitae and submission of summary or other documents it is necessary to know the basic fundamentals of grammar and spelling. No employer will hire even the most promising professional with a bunch of grammatical and spelling errors. First you should at least create a correct and competent document which will be read and understood as the "face" of the applicant for any position in the company. An alternative option is to use the services of a professional proofreader for proper use of spelling, phonetics and grammar. A person, learning English grammar and spelling must understand that for the life prospects, you need to write and proforead a text correctly and competently. The achievement of a specific result will depend on a well-written document, application, filling in the form with all the rules of grammar and spelling. Such future specialist, during the entire career may face with writing business letters, contracts and agreements, theses, diplomas, etc. And at this stage, it is important to take into account aspects of English speech, grammar, spelling, as such a document will be treated properly and the goal will be reached (i.e. admission to the University, successful completion of the interview, employment, correct document execution for various organizations, etc.) Let’s consider the impact of knowledge of grammar and spelling on the correct spelling of the text, its translation and proofreading. The structure of grammar and spelling proofreading and training at schools and colleges is based on the systematization of the processes by which it is possible to correlate the whole experience. This training trend allows provide a competent and forward-looking learning process at schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Using grammar and spelling greatly influences the quality of the text writing and proforeading. It is advisable to carry out such layout and further use of the test with proofreading. If the school does not form the culture of learning English grammar and spelling, then the student will have serious problems with the thematic components of such text, interrelation of items, paragraphs, sections etc. of the text will be violated. In this case, the only way out of this situation is turning to the professional proofreader, who will process the text correctly, correct the spelling and grammar of the text in English. An important stage of elaboration of the text in English is the grammar, spelling, expressions.

The success in the writing of a text is provided only by good knowledge of grammar and spelling. Therefore, at schools, modern teaching methods are paying considerable attention to the study of English spelling and grammar. With a correct writing a letter the student learns the culture of paperwork. That allows him to create a letter or text in English, taking into account each element of spelling and grammar. With the help of such service as Proofreading, there is the most optimal and reliable solution for proofreading of the text in English, as the main solution of all problems starts with the correct text spelling and the correct information presentation.

Notes when writing an English article

Everyday rapid development and progress of the whole scientific world is based on the research and development of new scientific and business projects. This process is reflected in the latest publication of the article where the practice and the ability to create the notes based on the popular books and articles emphasizes the importance and contemporaneity of this article in the world of science or business. In this case each article is unique and specific in its own way. Notes application by their author takes place systematically taking into account article subject and its specificity.

 The principal usage of notes when writing an article is very important in order to constantly monitor the problem of the article subject if it’s necessary. This helps to create article integrity within a short time, promptly disclose the article subject, its potential and capabilities. Taking into account requirements of scientific readership these notes should be formed very carefully and accurately. It is possible by using different sources of information, translated into English, that should be professionally checked and corrected (Proofreading) by a proofreader and editor (proofreader) of the company - corrector. Up to the hub the usefulness and efficiency of the notes creation for the article or business content depends on the quality of checking and correcting of English. Each note carries a semantic component of every article aspect that it makes much easier for the author to express his thoughts and ideas of one or another scientific or business project or research.