Posted on 23rd May 2016 20:33:36 in Proofreading

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It is also very important to include the keywords in text for the quick definition and the search with the help of the Google search engine. The keywords are used for the systematic and productive writing of an article in English. Let us review the influence of the keywords on creation of the structure of the article. The keywords – it is a very important element of the structural writing of an article, where they provide semantic coherency of the text, since it allows to form the semantic organizational components in its structure. Along with that, it is very important to remember that the keywords, by forming the structure of the text, systematically and repeatedly increase the repetition through the text and it conditions the classification of not only the inter-phrase coherence, but all the thematic constituent, connecting the entire text as a result.

The writing and formation of text with the help of the keywords allows providing an English article with the integrity and carry out the main essence and the idea of the text. It allows providing and forming the structure of an article with a definite semantic core of the theme of an article. Further on, with the help of the keywords, comes the stage of creation of unity of the theme, where the article is composed out of micro-topics, macro-topics, and the theme of entire semantic meaning. The profit and the necessity of using the keywords in text is characterized by the matters of which the talk goes, meaning that the unity of an article is formed due to the regular repetition of the keywords with the help of the language expressions and the phonetic techniques. The selection of the keywords by the semantic meaning, the interconnection between them, will be most optimal if there will be correction and the professional proofreading done by the specialist. Such proofreading will go through all the concluding mutually-connected text, based upon keywords, used during the formation of an article.

 The selection of the keywords during the writing of an article is based upon the inter-phrase unity of the topic. Any comprehensive text can be arranged in a set of the keywords. The very main keywords are chosen in the very beginning, the word which is being the most frequently repeated and then the word-characteristics are being chosen for this word, which, in general, may form as a set of keywords. Various words-characteristics, out of which the structure of a theme for writing an article in English is formed, should be preliminary translated from the native language to English. A given factor is accompanied by the necessity to have an accurate proofreading and coordination of the thematic meaning of each keyword with the common theme of an article. As it is known, an incorrect and wrong translation of the basis keywords without checking and the proofreading of text may only worsen the application and formation of these keywords for writing of an article. Thus, it is really important to implement editing and proofreading service by the professional company in relation to the translated keywords found in an article. It guarantees optimal application of these words for the writing of the structural article. Given system of using and selecting the keywords in writing of the text is really productive and useful for every scientist or a specialist.

Detailed checking and proofreading of the prepared articles in English allows passing such stages of control, with the help of the proof-reading company specialist, as the check for grammar and the spelling concerning the English translation, control of phonetics and the language expressions with the use of the various keywords. Successful thematic combination of corrected and proofread keywords in an article significantly increases the quality of created scientific article and the effectiveness, which increases the possibilities of the author in reaching success among the scientific community. Such set of the keywords will be extremely useful during the use in the future scientific and researching articles. It will create a necessary foundation for the formation of one’s own vocabulary.