Posted on 27th Apr 2016 15:33:36 in Proofreading

editing and proofreading of the scientific dissertation


The presence of mistyped text, mistakes in a scientific dissertation, the absence of the logical structure of text can significantly decrease the estimation by the reader's audience, critics and the expert committee of the dissertations. The given factor may significantly influence the final result and the decision of awarding the scientific degree or the qualification level. In a given aspect, the members of the committee, first of all, look at the format correctness of the dissertation, grammatical correctness and the accurate structure of the text of the dissertation. If the discrepancy to the commonly accepted standards of writing of the dissertation is found, it may lead to additional difficulties in defence of the dissertation and the publications. Saving on editing and the proofreading may lead to loss.

 We shall review two stages of editing and the proofreading of the text of the dissertation. First stage. The following methods of work are applied during the editing process. It is correction of the stylistic mistakes – violation of style and the literary norms, language expressions, tautology and lack of coordination. Also it is important to implement the check for the logical statements. Terminological unification and proofreading are taken in consideration. Adherence of the dissertation’s structure to the international format and characteristics standards is worked out, which should correspond with all the norms. It is the main stage of editing the text and the topic.

Second stage. Proofreading of text – it is correction of the grammar mistakes, standardization of writing of the single-type elements and check for the accuracy of compliance to the different numbered lines (contents, tables, appendixes and so on).

 Providing the entire range and relevance of the theme of scientific dissertation in English is only possible with the professional checking and proofreading of the article of the dissertation. Such principled matter will allow checking the spelling, grammar and phonetics in the article. It will allow getting rid of flaws and shortages, mistakes in writing, will correct the language expressions and process the entire article of the scientific dissertation in English. By not implementing such proofreading and editing of the article, it is possible to miss the entire relevance of the scientific theme of the research. As it is known that an incorrect perception of the material will not allow an objective estimation of all the potential and relevance of the given dissertation. It is very important to pass the checking and proofreading by the professional English speaking proof-reading specialists, which will guarantee the reliable result regarding the editing and proofreading of text of the scientific dissertation.

When reviewing all the systems of formation and creation of the program of checking and proofreading of the scientific dissertation in English, it is extremely important to form the understandable and accessible structure of the dissertation. The semantic intercommunication between the theme and the chapters of the article should be clear and comprehensible. Professional proof-reader provides the elimination of the imperfections and shortages in a given scientific dissertation to the fullest. It allows accomplishing full perception of the relevance of the topic, its perspective as of a serious scientific work. Given factor will allow fulfilling the aims and the tasks set in the dissertation as a whole.

The proof-reader of the dissertation has to use numerous personal knowledge and skills: absolute literacy, attentiveness, understanding of specifics of the proofreading of dissertations, mastering of the terminology and, what is obligatory, knowledge of the current standards. In our fast pace of time, all of the scientific researches, which are formed and reflected in scientific dissertations, have passed and pass a various serious work in relation to proofreading and checking of the articles of the dissertations. Only a proofreading specialist is able to provide the reliability and quality of such work, a specialist for whom the editing of the dissertations is the main employment, which is supported by the experience and the recommendations.

The general system of editing and the proofreading of the article of the dissertation in English require through and competent approach. Implementation of the entire potential of editing and the proofreading in a given format will be possible only in cooperation with the professional proof-reader specialist. A specialist will organize and accurately edit and proofread the article of the scientific dissertation, which will significantly increase the relevance and the perspective of the given scientific dissertation. A given factor will allow revealing the entire scientific potential of the topic of the dissertation to a full degree in front of the world’s scientific community. It will allow reflecting all the relevance of the scientific problem with the subsequent solution. The success in progress of the relevant scientific dissertation fully depends on all the aforementioned factors and the aspects. It will allow fulfilling the given scientific project of the dissertation at top level. Best of all, the editing and the proofreading of the dissertation should be done in an English speaking country, where the proofreaders are native English speakers and will provide complete and professional checking of the English language article of the dissertation.