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English learning program


It is necessary to let the child combine the pleasant vacation with the great amount of impressions with the learning of the English language, since the young age allows this particular combination serve as the most efficient method of learning. Such opportunity can be fulfilled if the child is sent to the language courses in England. In this country a child will receive the great amount of impressions, will study with the best English language instructors, which will allow improving the language skills and learning the English language. There is an alternative to stay at home under supervision and sign up for the English language courses. But in this case a child will not receive the valuable vacation break and learning at the language courses will not be as efficient. On the contrary to the courses, where the communication will be restricted by the lessons alone, in Great Britain a child will always be in the language environment. It will allow the efficient learning of the offered study materials and overcoming of the language barrier. By the time of the vacation’s end, your child will come back home rested and full of strength and opportunities with a good English knowledge and language skills.

 The selection of the language school in English should be started from choosing of the learning program which will be the most optimal option of learning of the English language. It depends on intensiveness and the duration of the learning program of English in Great Britain. Numerous opportunities for the tourist trips are opened to the schoolchildren and the students during the times of the school break. We shall review several options of such trips. The first is the summer English speaking camps. Such format of the trip allows children to study and rest at the same time. The summer camps are located in the suburbs of the large cities, which makes it possible for children to visit various excursions, thus, automatically adapting to the English culture. Such camps are located in the boarding schools, universities and the colleges. It allows studying and living in the same location. These educational facilities provide intensive educational program, which includes all of the aspects of the English language.

The language courses in Great Britain can be individual or in groups. If we review the first option, then the period of the child’s learning does not depend on the enrolment of the group, which allows entering a completely new language environment for a child. This aspect is being a positive factor since a child will communicate in English in a deliberate and a constant way by systematically overcoming the language barrier, improving English language skills. A child will be living in an English speaking family, however, it is possible to stay in the dormitory or at specially rented premises. There is an opportunity of choosing any living conditions for a child by individually registering your child for the trip, including the number of excursions and so on. The given type of the trip will require increased costs, compared to the summer camp, or will be the same – it depends on the chosen program. Such programs of learning English will justify themselves only in the case if a child will be in constant communication with the native English speakers. It will allow acquiring knowledge in phonetics, spelling, grammar and the right ways of use of the English expressions and peculiarities of speech. As the time passes by, a child will adapt to the language environment on his or her own and will correct the educational process. 



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