Posted on 24th Feb 2016 00:08:30 in Translation, Proofreading

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If the book is published in English, the article should be checked and proofread according to all grammar and orthography rules of English. This is very important, as the scientific article, as a chapter in the book, should fully comply with the format and style of the book, that is ensured by a professional proofreader. Such check and proofreading is made taking into account the content and focus of the book, as the common meaning and understanding of the book by a reader should be kept. 

Simple translation of an article from a foreign language into English is inadequate, as it will be just a text having only local informational nature, but not the style and specific features of the book edition. Such approach will result in incongruity of chapters in this book, which ultimately will lose its attractiveness to the reader. Usually the scientific article, that should be a chapter in the book, is written in accordance with the topic of this book, however, translation on its own of the text of the article can drastically change the meaning and essence of the topic of the book. To ensure that this won’t happen, a professional proofreader should be a native speaker, it is very important, as that is a native English language speaker who can understand the exact meaning and essence of the article, and link to the topic of the book. This factor is very important for correct proofreading of the essay or text, use of the turns of speech, quality review for grammar and orthography.

Overall potential of the book edition should be provided with interlinked sections and chapters; the information resources, contained in the book, should be relevant to the reader. Reading audience of the academic circles is very exacting to periodicals, and especially to book editions. Therefore, it is very important to define precisely the interrelation between the article and the topic of the book. The precise meaning and relation between the article and the book can be provided only by a professional proofreader. Such interrelation is very important for building the overall structure of the book, which will allow the article’s author to achieve the full potential of this article that will ensure success of the entire book. Check of the article by a professional proofreader in the format of the entire book requires good special training, which should be confirmed by corresponding certificates and documents. Such level can be provided by a well-known proofreading services company, having respective legal address and verified registration. An article in a book edition is characterized by its specific features, where non-checked turns of speech and style of English will contribute to deterioration of the overall rating of this book among the reading audience. In order to avoid this negative point, such elements should be professionally checked, as grammar, phonetics, orthography, turns of speech, style of the text. This aspect will largely ensure the highest level of the book, which will have the complete interrelation between all chapters and sections of this book. Posting the article as a section or a chapter in a book is a very interesting and promising option for expansion and complement of the book itself, making more interesting the subject of the book.

The stage of cooperation with the company-proofreader will always guarantee success in posting the article in a specialized book, which can be issued worldwide. That is why so many publishing houses employ the services of companies providing check and proofreading of texts in English. Such cooperation ensures the full interrelation between the article’s author, the book publisher and the company-proofreader, that ensures the maximum result from publication of the book. Technique for check and proofreading of the text by a company-proofreader minimizes appearance of grammatical errors, gaps in orthography and phonetics, problems with turns of speech and style. Continuous monitoring of contemporary English by such company-proofreader allows to maintain the high-class international quality format, in which the proofread article will interact with other chapters and sections of this book. The determining factor in proofreading and check of the article is professionalism of the proofreader, which will be a native English speaker and know very well the style of speech of the English language.

It is necessary to pay attention to the moment that the article as a chapter in the book would be stylized in accordance with all the latest requirements imposed by the book edition to the author. Given the system requirements for the text of the article, the company-proofreader will always adhere to the most strict rules for proofreading the article, as it gives the possibility to use this article promptly in publications of other book editions. Professional preparation of the article as a book chapter should be provided by an English company-proofreader, as such combination of location and professionalism provides a platform for creation of a correctly prepared and proofread article in the book.

Relevancy of check and proofreading of a scientific article - as a chapter in a book edition will always play a significant role in contemporary scientific and business world. Given the rapidly developing technologies, promptness of including scientific and business articles into the content of books will increasingly grow. It impacts on promotion of scientific and business projects, development of new technologies and research. Specialized book literature is always in the operative use of the broad scientific and business structures. Promptness of providing this information to a wide range of reading audience will also depend on how quickly and promptly this article is checked and proofread by a professional proofreader. In the era of strong competition between global companies, such promptness plays a major role in promotion of own high-tech projects in contemporary international business world. The author of a scientific article, who will systematically and properly integrate his/her article as a chapter of the book, carry out promptly check and proofreading of this article, will have the greatest success in the academic and business circles of contemporary society.