Posted on 6th Nov 2016 00:12:58 in Proofreading

Proofreading and editing text - especially the work with articles

(Post was wriitten and proofread by International Student "Hun Jun" and posted as it is)

Shaping the style of each article, you need to understand that care and punctuality in adjusting and editing text plays a key role. Just become the standard must be maintained in its original form. Since the updating and editing of the text or article is intended only to improve the text and remove all errors, a professional proofreader and editor should have a very high literacy and stylistics.

The first stage of this work should be proofreading text. At this stage, there is correction of English grammar, syntax and spelling errors. This method of correction and editing of the article is the original and most essential method for the formation of high-quality articles.

The second step is treatment of the text, taking into account all the bug fixes and defects. Here it is necessary to form the style of the text, drawing structure of the text, reformatting of words and sentences.
Next, you need to make adjustments and editing text in a way that would subject the text has not been changed but the quality of the articles has improved. This article can be reformatted format that allows you to remove the bad and negative points with text.
The fourth step is to optimize text. Optimization article may be some reduction in the scope of the text is not to the detriment of the main subjects of the article.
In preparation for the updating and editing of articles, the edit text specialist must possess an analytical mind and understand the literary style of the different articles. This aspect is very good philological and language training. Since this allows the equalizer to carry out qualitative and professional editing of the text or article. Creating text in this format is very important that we could proofread and edit to maintain interest in the article, using their linguistic and philological features.

You must be present elements such as care, painstaking, diligence and accuracy. In today's information world, proofreader and editor shall be obliged to respond quickly to changes in the styles of writing texts. The global trend of writing articles is concentrated in the ability to concisely and succinctly convey information to the audience. Control of editing and correcting text or article must be accompanied at every stage of the job. It is important not to lose the essence of the subject and the article, as a result, all of the work may not be necessary or relevant. Style articles shall be kept under the conditions of modern requirements, which are accepted at the international level. From this it depends on the rating and professional proofreader and editor.