Posted on 18th Apr 2016 00:30:19 in Proofreading

writing an English article


Notes are the structural component of writing an article or an extract from any information source. Yet it is very important that notes create an article structure the text is classified systematically with the help of notes and different information sources.

 Writing an article and its creating with the help of notes allows having thematic materials from different information sources in English. It allows controlling and creating article structure. Later with the help of notes the stage of scientific or business article saturation with desired and necessary information from different information sources follows. Utility and necessity of notes using in the article is characterized by such aspects as processing of required extracts from different information sources for this article, notes compiling due to semantic meaning, interrelation between notes, professional copy editor’s  updating and verifying of notes usage results in the text while creating the article.

 Note creation when writing an article is based on the processing of bulk information. At first one should translate different information sources in foreign languages, in which notes for writing an English article are formed, from their native language into English. This factor is accompanied by the necessity of proper proofreading and coordination of the thematic meaning of each information source with the whole article subject. Wrong and incorrect translation of basic information without checking and text proofreading can only worsen the appliance and creation of notes for writing an article. Thus, verification and correction of the translated articles and basic information sources by company - corrector provides optimal performance in the proper notes creation to write structural article.

This method of notes usage and their creation in writing an article is very productive and useful for the professional look of each scientist or specialist. When checking and proofreading foreign articles, such control steps of company-corrector as grammar and spelling checking while translating into English, phonetics and rhetorical move control in different used information sources take place. The successful thematic combination of corrected foreign articles and other information sources can greatly improve the quality of creating scientific article and effectiveness which increases the author's possibility in achieving success among readers. One can always use one's notes in future scientific and research activities. This makes the necessary basis for the creation of its information base.

This procedure takes a very long time while self-checking and editing basic information sources and articles in general by yourself while the professional company - controlling and proofreading promptly provides text verification and correction from foreign language into English. Proper note creation in the article has a very positive effect on the general article format as these notes as a rule are already based on the information that is tested by time and experience which greatly improves the professional assessment of the article among readers. Optimally and well-formed notes provide a unique opportunity to build an entire structure of the article starting from the meanings of notes themselves. When notes are used correctly, it is possible to construct and to write entire article sections on a certain required subject that will form the platform for creation of book or scientific op-ed piece in scientific journal. 


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