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Learning English

Now, there are several methods to learn English, which will allow you to master the language cheerfully and with interest.

Here are the most interesting techniques that will help you in the difficult task of learning English:

  • Reading books without a dictionary. It allows you to accumulate a vocabulary of words by constantly repeating them in the text.
  • Mobile apps that let you perform tasks, exercises, and translation into English, followed by a test of inaccuracies and errors.
  • Watching movies and TV series with double subtitles. You will hear the original English speech that will help you to work out the correct pronunciation.
  • The study of grammar rules set out not in the classic version, but drawn up by accessible and understandable language for you.
  • Video tutorials for learning English. It allows you to acquire communication skills in English using a small number of known words. These lessons are now widely available on the Internet.
  • Visiting speaking clubs.

A necessary supplement to other methods of language learning, of course, is a visiting English speaking clubs. Visiting these clubs gives you the freedom to travel, work, and communicate across the world; it is interesting to spend time learning new things.

Today, there are many speaking English clubs in Ukraine, so consider main advantages and disadvantages of visits these clubs over other methods, and what factors you need to consider when choosing speaking club:


The main advantages of visiting speaking club are as follows:

  • Increase of your vocabulary including the ability to examine slang expressions, idioms of colloquial English, to replenish your stock with interesting catchwords and phrases;
  • Grinding your pronunciation;
  • Improving speaking skills;
  • The ability to learn from the mistakes of other members of the club;
  • Ability to select the discuss topics interesting for you;
  • Learning to express their thoughts and to overcome the language barrier;
  • The possibility of new acquaintances, for the benefit and have fun;
  • The study of other cultures, personal growth;
  • Off-site class of clubs, interesting events;
  • Low cost of training, as well as free access to the clubs.

However, along with the advantages of visiting these clubs, it is also necessary to specify the possible disadvantages of this method of studying:

  • Limited-time meetings and a large number of participants does not give you the opportunity to speak as you wish;
  • Speaking club visits are not allowed knowledge of grammar. The most important thing in communication in the speaking club is not the correct arrangement of words according to the rules of grammar, but freely expresses the thoughts, without fear that the other participants will not understand you;
  • If you are shy and timid person, you will have to wait your turn until the more talkative members of the club will be able to speak;
  • Speaking club is the only addition to other forms of learning the English language;
  • It is possible meeting with representatives of religious organizations who will be in every way, try to replenish their ranks a new member;
  • In Ukraine, there are not such a large number of English speakers. Russian-speaking English teachers, volunteers, and foreign students from different countries are present at the meetings very often;
  • If the group is multi-level, then the holder of a higher level may be boring, and there is a possibility to take in grammatical errors of other participants, eventually raising the level of language proficiency does not occur;
  • It is possible a low level of organization of the meeting. It concerns the venue of the meeting, the presence of real native speakers, the level of training to the selected topic, and involving a leader of a meeting in a conversation of all members of the club.

Choosing English speaking club it should be remembered such moments:

  • You have to talk only in English;
  • The presence of a native speaker with pedagogical education. After all, the main task of the teacher is training competent topics activities, the ability to convey the knowledge and guide the participants of speaking club, to give an opportunity to open up and to express their views;
  • Team members should be no more than 8 people;
  • To enable you to feel free, you must have the level of pre-intermediate;
  • Choose clubs, where the meeting topic, the program, invited participants on the topic (writers, musicians, professionals in a particular industry) are known beforehand. This leads to the conclusion about the good organization of the meeting;
  • It is necessary to prepare for the meeting, preliminary studying the vocabulary by means of a dictionary on the chosen theme, it will allow you to increase your involvement in the discussion on this topic;
  • It is necessary to choose a meeting with the participants, depending on your level of English proficiency;
  • The ability to respect the interlocutor and not impose your own views;
  • It is forbidden to drink an alcohol;
  • It is forbidden to use obscene language.

In general, the visiting such English Speaking Club allows a person to get a good start into the world of the English language. Such communication will contribute to the full acquaintance with the various nuances and rules of spoken English. New acquaintances with the participants of a speaking club grow that open prospects for further communication on Skype or guest travel to different countries and cities.