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scientific article in English


Correct formation of the keywords in an article is very well reflected upon the common structure of the article since, as a rule, such keywords are already based upon the information that has been tested by time and experience, which significantly increases the high estimation of an article itself among the reader’s audience. Accurately and logically formed keywords grant an opportunity of creating the optimal structure of an article, basing upon the semantic meanings of the very keywords. The correct use of the keywords allows achieving the build-up and formation of the entire chapters of the article related to a certain theme, which will provide achieving of the building of the unified platform for creation of the dissertation or a scientific publicist article in the scientific world.

 Thus, it can be assured that the use of keywords during the writing of the text actively takes its place in everyday formation of the structure of a scientific article. Keywords define a very important role in formation of the integrity of the article. Rapid advancements and progress of the entire scientific world are based upon research and advancements of the new scientific and business projects. The given process is reflected in the newest publications of the articles where the practice and skills of arrangement of the systematic keywords in text and the article confirm the professionalism and the contemporaneity of the given article in the scientific world or business project. Every article is unique in this case and is specific in its own way. The application of the keywords by the author of the dissertation happens in systematic way with consideration of the theme of the article, its specifics.

 The functional application of the keywords during the writing of the text is crucial since a necessity is created of a constant control of the essence of the matter of the given theme in an article. It allows fulfilling the integrity of an article in shortest time terms and revealing the theme of the article in correct in efficient way, along with the potential and the possibilities. Considering the requirements of the scientific reader’s audience, such keywords should be adapted in an extremely correct and integral way. It is possible with the implementation of the active link with the other words that are helping to reveal and open a specified theme in an all-embracing way.

 Keywords, by becoming a priority condition of writing of the text, create a unified semantic context around themselves, including the other words that are related to the concept-word, chosen as the keyword. An importance and the state of being relevant of the keywords show the progressiveness of the method in writing of the majority of texts, articles and the books. 

The effectiveness of the literate writing of text in English depends on the accurate checking and the proofreading of text in relation to grammar, phonetics, spelling and the language expressions. The success in implementation of the literate writing of text is provided with the help of professional proofreaders which will control the written letter or text in English, where every element of the spelling will be accurately and clearly designed with consideration of all the rules of grammar and phonetics. The Proofreading service is the most optimal and reliable solution for proofreading and literate writing in English, since the optimal solution to all the tasks starts from the literate and accurate writing of text and the right presentation of information.

 The necessity to write in a literate way in English is conditioned by ever-growing exchange of information. Along with that, the task of checking and proofreading of the English language increases more and more and becomes a service in great and daily demand for the modern society. The foundation for the grammatically correct written text is the right editing and the proofreading of the English language.