Posted on 2nd Jan 2016 23:31:32 in Proofreading

At the stage of teaching English to children at an early age, attention should be paid to such aspects as: grammar, spelling, expressions. At the early age, preschool children perceive information in a much brighter and more distinct manner, that when become older. Such lessons can be given as games, when watching cartoons, just walking with a child outdoors. Here we must dwell on the importance of the form of the information presentation to the child. Information, irrespective of the form of its presentation, must be correct, free of distortions and mistakes in the English language. The child will perceive any mistake or inaccuracy as correct information, and it would be more difficult to correct it later.

Based on the above conditions of study, correctness of texts and materials for studying English should be ensured. Presently, there is a great choice of groups, specialized kindergartens, where the elements of teaching English are present already. There is a great deal of distance schools, but they can be used by children of at least school age. I.е., at the initial stage a parent is a basis, a platform for laying the foundation of English mastering by a child. In this aspect, the parents should get competent and clear information to teach English to their child. Here, the main role is played by this information provider. As a child will communicate with children of the same age from English-speaking countries subject to the dialect and specificity of the country, and this is possible as early as at the school age, the child should be initially taught at an earlier age with the set conditions of the future communication in English.

In this case a company, providing services in translation and proofreading, can choose an optimal course for teaching your child. It is important that the company be located in the English-speaking country, where in future the practice in communicating in English will be needed in future. An English-speaking company, which will provide a course of study, will prevent all mistakes and shortages that could be ignored by a domestic company. Applying to this company is necessary to support the child later at all stages of teaching. The company providing services in translation and proofreading, delivers all these stages of teaching, providing, whenever necessary, the future information support regarding admission to a European university. This distance learning scheme has a lot of advantages. First –a permanent contact with a native speaker, which gives a 100% result, thus saving time for correction of mistakes and faults. The prompt control of the process of learning is ensured. This training will make it possible for the child to correctly choose occupation, entrainment, communication with friends and children of the same age. At his important stage, English can be one of the key links in formation of a child’s personality in future, either in politics, science, sports, medicine etc. New opportunities open in building career and private life.

The child gradually becomes aware of its place in this modern complicated world, of responsibility for its life and family, the society’s culture in the segment with the global values is perceived in a different manner. The child joins the world community starting from the very first letters in the English alphabet. It is important for the child to exhibit interest in learning English at the initial stage of study, and here the parents should define for themselves the type of the child motivation to learn English. They should dedicate more time for watching interesting popular programs with the child, like Discovery and Animal Planet, to bring the child to the conclusion that learning and understanding English is necessary to understand this entire wonderful and interesting world. The child’s communication with other children learning English is also important, it will help the child to relax and have practice. The child will need all these knowledge and experience when he/she becomes a student. Considering high popularity of English in the society, the child will get a competitive advantage over other children in future, thus being capable of quick achieving the set goals and tasks.

When teaching English to the child, one should make a competent and proper work and rest schedule, where everything must be balanced. The influence of computer games, movies must be minimized. Parents should spend more time with the child outdoors, among the nature. If possible, parents should attend topical exhibitions with the child, special events for children. The work and rest regime is necessary for the child’s attention concentration on really vital things, which include learning English as well. The energy spent on movies, computer games etc. will only distract the child’s attention, impede comprehension of the material that will be the foundation for development in this aspect. Taking into account the growing technocratic and technologic impact on the outside world, which directly influences the child, the parents need to establish a proper work and rest schedule for the child. To achieve this purpose, the respective conditions should be created for the child, the atmosphere of understanding and comfort in the family.

Only after such conditions are created, a positive result of learning English can be expected. All the factors aggressive and negative towards the child shall be eliminated, as the child’s mind is very sensitive to aggression and negative. Another very important issue is to place a child in a kindergarten, where English is taught, if there is such a kindergarten at the place of your residence. The optimal variant in terms of development and information will be to take the child to a holiday trip to an English-speaking country, where it could feel the English language environment. The sight-seeing tours in the country, impressions from the nature, architecture, culture of this country should form the child’s correct appreciation of English. It would be useful to take to the trip a training course in English, provided by the translation and proofreading company, as combining sightseeing and learning English will give the maximum effect for the child in study of the English language.