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How to write and proofread an introduction to the thesis work

(Post was wriitten and proofread by International Student "Dmitri Shulgin" and posted as it is)

From the quality of writing of administration depends on the mood of teachers to listen to the report of the graduation to the end and with interest. Will form their opinion about the graduate as a theoretical and practical training future specialist, and that ultimately affect the assessment of the thesis. The introduction is a kind of presentation of the student and his work. So, the main task of the student in writing of the introduction - is to awaken interest in teaching and to prove the relevance of the topic. Also it is important to proofread the work before you send it to your teacher

First we need to find out what principles guide the teaching staff in the assessment of the thesis, what are the requirements put forward to writing the introduction. Some universities produce special manuals, or are the requirements, depending on the specifics of the university.
 In writing the introduction important thing is not to overdo it. The text of the introduction should not exceed five pages, the optimal number of pages or three. Text more than five pages too tight, it is tedious to read, so it is necessary to reduce the number of complex phrases, replaced by a more simple words and phrases. The presence in the introduction tables, lists, graphs, charts are not welcome. To do this, there is the main part of the thesis.
The structure of the introduction to the research paper types. First, you need to justify the relevance of the topic, why the crown is important and significant for the study of it is today, it is necessary to reveal the need for its study and the importance to society as a whole. Relevance of the topic should take no longer than one page. Some experts advise to write the introduction after the main body, so in the process of writing the main body and at least the study there and novelty of the topic and its relevance and practical importance.

Besides the relevance of the theme teachers appreciate the designation of the problem to be solved in the course of the study. It is also useful to describe what gives society solve the above problems, and how necessary and important to resolve these issues. You can specify how big a problem, its scope, and describe the minor problematic issues that also need to be addressed. Use a proofreading services to check your English and grammar.

The next item on the introduction of designated research object and subject of study. And at first we are talking about the object, and then on the subject. At one site, you can explore a lot of things. For example, in business object can be of "Daisy", the subject of study may be the economic relations in the process of financial planning activities or conducting medium enterprises, especially export and import operations in the current economic conditions. In medicine, the object of study can be a human body, and the subject of the study is its skeletal system, brain function and respiratory system. The object of study of geography may be the planet Earth, and predmetom- impact of global warming on life on Earth, the problem of the world's oceans dry.
Following further denote the goals and objectives of the thesis. The goal describes what you want to achieve at the end of the study. In fact it is the same name of the topic, written only in other words. The goal is the fact that it follows from the rationale and relevance should be subject. The goal is always the same, there can be several tasks. Goals and objectives, in turn, must be commensurate with the name of the theme that gives the scientific director.


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