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What is the benefit for the student brings an internship? The first student to get acquainted with the work of enterprises, organizations and institutions, it is possible to determine in what kind of organization the future specialist would like to work, or, conversely, do not want to. It can also make sure that the material that gives the teacher of the university lectures - this is not just a theory, but in reality the material used in the practice of the enterprise. And finally, an internship gives you the opportunity to gather more material about the organization or enterprise, an example of which his future thesis work will be built.
From the first days of practice students need to think about the list of documents that are necessary to issue to the main report on the practice. After evaluation of the practical training will be offered to the graduates. The main documents that are necessary to issue the report in addition to the practice - a diary of practice, explanatory note and characteristic with the passage of the place of practice. How to write and proofread an explanatory note indicated generally in methodical recommendations, it is made on a single sheet of A4, nothing complicated in its drafting is not, consider leaving the specifics of the following documents.

Making diary of practice.

Blank diary standard. It includes the student's name, student name, group, department, name of the organization where the student is aimed at the practice, the period of practice. The date of arrival and departure, name of the teacher education institution, name of the head of practice in the enterprise.
From the first days of practice must be recorded in a diary all the work and functions that are performed every day the trainee in the company. When he performed the same job for a few days, you can vary the diary entries by the information or knowledge that the student has acquired in practice, watching the work of the enterprise. And then, leading such records every day, do not have to retrieve the work that the student had to write and proofread a thesis later. All the practical work, as reflected in the diary should be supported by data sources and applications, even better copies of documents obtained at the company.
Entries, which is a student in his diary every day will be subsequently checked head of the institution or organization practices, endorsed them and necessarily must be put in the diary seal of the organization where the student passed the practice. Leader of the educational institution, in turn, will check the blog for the correctness and completeness of the count, the availability of applications and copies, as well as a visa Head of the practice of the enterprise and the enterprise printing.

Characteristics of students with passing places of practice. Intern need to take care of the preparation of his personal characteristics with the passage of the place of practice and proofread thesis. It includes a description of the business qualities, abilities, skills and knowledge possessed by the student, and that he had acquired in the course of practice. The characterization of the head on probation from the company, he also signs the characteristic, and it also put the company seal. Sometimes leaders are asking the student to write a response about themselves by virtue of their employment, in this case, one should not exaggerate their talents and abilities of genius as a manager can not sign such a laudatory text. We recommend that from the beginning of practice share your phone with the head of the practice of the company, negotiate with their supervisor in a forced and the lack of respect in practice (the need to visit the university, taking tests, student work, etc.). After characterization and evaluation on probation may affect the assessment of proofread the thesis.

Drafting the report on probation
In order to write a report on the traineeship and get a high score, you need to stock up in advance the necessary material, namely information on the company structure, job descriptions of employees, statistical data on the work of the enterprise in the dynamics of up to three years, the tables do not contain confidential information, copies of contracts and other documents that use the enterprise in its activities. Very important to proofread using a professional proofreading company. the document before publishing  The presence of these materials is very like the teachers at the institute, and later they can be used for the preparation of the thesis.

The report itself on probation-like structure writing "proofreading" course or research work. It consists of a title page, contents, introduction, main body, conclusion, bibliography, and a list of applications. If the title page, contents, list of references and applications is made in the standard way using the manuals, the most creative part of the report is the introduction, main part and conclusion.

In the introduction it is necessary to reflect why it is so important to pass on the practice chosen by the company, set goals and objectives pursued during the period of practice, it would be good to reflect in a nutshell phased process of practice, you can also write a short interesting facts about the creation of the enterprise. In general, the introduction should not take one or two pages, because usually teachers carefully read the introduction, not too vchityvayas to the rest of the report, therefore proofread document needs to be clear from any English mistakes.

The main part of the report should contain the organizational structure of the enterprise, the main stages of production, and other processes of the enterprise analysis in the dynamics. Very welcome presence of graphs, tables, charts. Next, you need to identify the problem areas and shortcomings in the work of the enterprise, as the newest technologies, especially in the field of IT and to make suggestions for improving the work of the enterprise.
In conclusion, which should not exceed one or two pages of printed text, you should sum up the practical training, to draw conclusions about how fulfilled the goals and objectives set for the student that a new student learned during the internship, which analyzes which identified problem areas and point the way to improve and improve the operation of the enterprise.

It should be noted that by drawing up a proofread report on the pre-diploma practice should be approached more seriously, This evaluation will go to graduate work and need to collect more data on the extended enterprise. A more detailed description of the enterprise assets, personnel work, pay attention to the strategy of development of the enterprise, to make a deeper analysis of the enterprise in the figures.
If a student is not enough information about the work of the enterprise for the writing of the report and subsequently use these figures in their research paper, there are specialized firms that will collect more detailed information on the work of the enterprise and report on an internship, will also help to make the analysis of the thesis.