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thesis proofreading

(Post was wriitten by International Student "Tanian Lukos" and posted as it is)


If a student believes that having done a lot of work during the graduation project can not preparing your own words to tell all that he did and what conclusions were reached, it is a misconception. The lack of a structured and thoughtful report can ruin even the most successful thesis project.

Typically, a report to the diploma, the student is, it should not take more than ten minutes, ideally seven minutes. Here, the principle - the less the better. Usually it is a maximum of four to five pages of printed text A4, font fourteenth. In general, the seven minutes I must say all the most important, and in this case the information should be perceptible. Excessive report speaks of the inability of the student to identify the main, to summarize the thoughts keep within the allotted time. Rapporteur may even interrupt the thesis committee members and ask them to put it more concretely and in fact issues. 

Next, you need to consider to do a proofreading and how to combine it with handouts and slides. Today, almost all universities require students to the diploma presentation made by the software. The development of computer technology today allows you to make a beautiful and interesting presentation, for example, using Microsoft Power Point or other programs that are publicly available on the Internet. Here, the slides can reinforce your speech and add to the report of graphs, charts, diagrams, tables, additional text. The main thing is that the material was read, and not too overloaded with information.

And yet, for a start you need to write a report, and then start creating a presentation. The text of the report should  be proofread and having the following structure. Firstly, you need to start with the words of welcome thesis committee, supervisor, all present, to sound the theme of the degree project.

Then should proceed to the justification of the relevance of the topic. Designate two or three sentences, why the topic is worth studying, what is its novelty, usefulness for today's realities. It is logical to identify the purpose of the thesis and objectives that have been put to an end. To facilitate their work can be a little to alter the introduction of the Diploma.

The next point of the report is to describe the structure of the research subject. The text in a paragraph, you can briefly talk about the subject. If this enterprise - mark what it does tell us about the structure of the company, show a few slides.

This is followed by proceeding to the analytical part. That is, what analysis was conducted, which theoretical and practical knowledge acquired, which conducted the study, which identified problems and shortcomings in the work of the enterprise. For example, a graduate was unable to visit one or another object was to obtain the data for the study of the problem due to the remoteness of the object. Describe the use of modern methods of enterprise management, and on what still have to work and improve and re-equip.

Describing problems and studies, go to the conclusions and proposals, also make sure you proofreading services. They should be clear and understandable, and above all original. It should make recommendations and proposals to adopt a number of measures to improve enterprise performance. Share a personal contribution to the improvement of the research subject. If the results are supported by figures, must be sure to call them, it's going to sound convincing. In this part of the report should be supported by material slides and handouts can be used in the conclusions to eight slides. If the hypothesized - should indicate confirmed or not, and achieved the overall goal of the thesis or not.

And finally, at the end of the report should be commended scientific advisor and anyone uchuvstvoval in the work on the diploma for help, thesis committee for your attention and express willingness to answer questions.
The report was written, now we have to work out in his report to the committee members and all those present.  The report also needs to be given for proforeading. In order not to stray on complicated expressions, we recommend to read it ten times, memorize and try to reproduce timing with first telling a rapid pace, then slow. Also we recomend to use a proofreading services. If it turns out that it takes more than fifteen minutes, it must be cut without regret. If it is too short, you need to supplement it with comments on slides and handouts. The report itself can hold in their hands during a performance, it calms anxiety inherent to many students, it is possible to peep into it. But it is not recommended to read. If you strayed, avoid too long pauses, fill in their comments, or proceed to the next section. If the text reads too quickly, it produces an unfavorable impression, follow the tempo of speech.

After a report and presentation should be prepared to ensure that the members of the thesis committee can ask questions. Typically, these are questions of a general nature on the subject of research, but may be asked to elaborate on the methods of research, ask questions about the possible problems at the plant, not specified or learned, in their opinion. The main thing is not to remain silent, not to get lost, you can say what we have said, in other words. Use proofreading services to make sure the text is clear. But if they ask, why not investigated these or other questions, you can answer that pursue other objectives, and what they ask - it is a separate topic of the thesis. To make sure you text is clear in English you should try to use the proofreading services.
Now a few words about the design of the presentation. Slides should be placed in order according to the text of the report, ask others to help the students to update or flip through the slides as the presentation. The first slide should contain a title page with the name of the theme, the names of the names of the student and the head of the degree project. Slides must be written by several carriers in order to avoid unforeseen technical problems. Slides themselves must be drawn up by the Eighteenth typeface for headlines is ideal twentieth font. Do not use an unusual font types. And best of all they are made out on a light background dark letters. It does not tire the eyes when reading. Do not use a lot of colors in the design of the slide or too bright effects. All material should be kept in the same style, in soft colors. No spelling errors! Do not load too much slide volume information, a maximum forty characters and check English by proofread the text. Make the text concise, short sentences, not the members of the commission will get tired to reread the entire text. His personal contribution to the project is demonstrated on a separate slide. If a graduate does not own programs to create slides, you can download templates and adapt your material.

If you still graduate has difficulty in making presentations and the text of the report can not focus on the allocation of the main ideas and summarize the results of the work done, there are a number of qualified specialists and firms who have made their profession writing diploma and course projects, preparation of presentations, proofreading of it and report writing . Well, if you graduate doubt the success of his writings on their own report and correct, readable compilation of slides and handouts, the same firm or experts will help to correct their own written text and other material used during the defense that will successfully defend a diploma and get a perfect score .