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 conclusion to a thesis

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Experienced teachers, with "trained eye" makes it possible to read the result of the introduction and conclusion to assess the quality of the work performed. Therefore, the graduate work will be evaluated based on how interesting and bright will be written conclusion, even if the main part has a lot of disadvantages.

Therefore, proceeding to conclusion would have to work hard because the conclusion is written in your own words, making a brief conclusion about everything that a graduate has done, describing to seventy pages. Conclusion never write off, write it needs without the use of spoken words and simple formulation, adhering to the strict style, logical, business-like, using only their thoughts. Still, the diploma is a scientific work. Parts used to sign the report or presentation during the defense of the graduation project, is another argument in favor of the seriousness of the approach of writing the final part.

The conclusion to the research paper must contain three - four pages, but not less than three pages. It is this volume will allow capacious and holistically reflect the results of the work. It is slightly smaller than the introduction, but the conclusion and implementation should correspond to each other. What is usually written in the conclusion? Conclusion contains theoretical and practical conclusions on the issues and challenges that are put before a graduate. If carried out some research or experience, it should be a score and result. If the study was compared with that of other experts and authors, you must describe what has been achieved graduate, unlike other predecessors. It is also necessary to describe the practical suggestions that are made on the results of the research, make an estimate of the future benefit from the introduction of new proposals and summarize briefly the general conclusion.

 The conclusion has its own structure. It includes:

  • introduction or prologue
  • main part
  • conclusion

A common mistake many students immediately begin to describe the objectives and conclusions. A well-written report should begin with an introduction or prologue. It should take only a few proposals, but speaks of the graduate as an knows how to write and express their thoughts and that the student is well versed in the subject.

The conclusion must strictly comply with the answers to the questions and the implementation of the tasks that are described in the introduction. Experts advise to immediately write out a list of tasks and a goal that was put in front of the student at the beginning of the graduation project. After a brief introduction, you can begin to answer questions and describe a common goal set in the introduction. You can certainly replicate the findings set out in the main part of the diploma project and place it in the conclusion. However, it will look mediocre and pull on a satisfactory evaluation. It should be rephrased to make conclusions and how would your conclusion on the conclusion of the thesis.

The main conclusion of the need to adhere strictly to the answers to the questions in the same sequence as in the introduction and the main part of the diploma project. It also describes how to accomplish the tasks set out in the progress, described the achievements obtained during the execution of tasks, that is, to give an answer as performed the first task, the second, third, fourth. And in the end, it is a logical conclusion, as far as the graduate has achieved its main objective, to complete the task. It is important to write information that confirms not only the relevance of the chosen topic, but also its scientific novelty. Also it is iportant to use a proofreading service to make sure you do not have any English mistakes.

Usually it ends with the conclusion of the general summary conclusion. It includes a conclusion about how valuable practice were studies of their use for a particular company and society. Depending on the topic of work and provides practical guidelines for the research object. The introduction is often the so-called hypothesis - it is likely the result of the implementation of a number of events during the study. So, in conclusion of the withdrawal is necessary to describe whether the hypothesis can draw your own conclusions confirmed, how to solve problems arising in the course of the research object of the thesis. Very good prospects for the development of research to write the object to express their personal opinion.

We now turn to the general recommendations for the conclusion of the writing:

  • Text should contain no more than three - four pages
  • Pay attention to the style. To the scientific style of presentation looked such momentum should be used as a "data analysis shows," "of these facts should be", "summing up the above."
  • Draw up the conclusion according to the methodological recommendations developed specific institution of higher education
  • Text should not be continuous, but it can be divided on individual items
  • allowed a brief retelling of the heads of the main text of the thesis. For example, in the first chapter of the theoretical bases ..., in the second chapter we studied the practical aspects of the enterprise
  • Do not load the text of the calculations and figure
  • It is possible to conclude the presentation of multiple slides
  • Allows multiple applications or links to well-known experts to the conclusion
  •  Practical and theoretical conclusions should be linked together. You can take an example, several have successfully defended their theses other graduates, honor their opinion and to understand in which direction to navigate
  • No need to use the personal pronouns "we", "I", such turns as "I think", "I think", "in my opinion", it is better to use the wording "has been investigated", "in the course of the work developed." Use a proofreading service to have a nice written thesis. 
  • There should not be in the final part of the outstanding issues that were put in the introduction, but did not dare to, all questions must be clear-cut answers. Otherwise, the work does not look whole and complete

But if you still studying the recommendations of the student having difficulty in writing a conclusion, it is impossible to compile information on progress, logical and consistent to make their own personal conclusions and summarize the possible result, a number of professionals and companies that deal specifically in writing graduation projects, help students write a great conclusion, the introduction of, to prepare a presentation of the degree project and get an estimate, which will please the future is extremely professional.




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