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For the initial phase of spoken English learning the following factors shall be determined. These are reading, improvement of speech, writing skills training, listening comprehension. It is necessary to analyze what should be used in the first place, what should be emphasized? All these aspects of training are very important because if you apply all of your experience, but you cannot understand fluent spoken speech of a foreigner then your knowledge is not enough. When learning English at an early stage, you should cover all aspects, but special attention should be paid to pronunciation. It is recommended to start with watching English movies, listening to the radio, reading a book, and the more is the better. At regular reading, listening and viewing television broadcasts, forming of understanding of spoken English begins. You should be in the language environment is constantly and deliberately surround yourself with English speech.

Alternatively, you can start with watching cartoons, which are aimed at children's audience and have a simple and optimal vocabulary. When viewing feature films and documentaries, you should focus on what you're interested in and what stimulates you to view the film. You should not try to force yourself to watch the classic film adaptation, if you like history or fiction films. Such a direction of learning and proofreading English is very effective. If you do not know the English language in the full amount, but listen to the English language, you can guess about what was going on in the film, namely understand the meaning of the film. All this is possible due to the melody of speech and pronunciation. This aspect initially determines the direction in teaching of spoken English. Understanding of the English language begins from now on. With this method of teaching, it is necessary to capture the unique style and the style of the English language, to identify all the necessary points and pronunciation rules. If possible, you need to pay more attention to listening to songs, dialogues and exercises; you should apply repeating after native English speakers, teach yourself to the perception of English words, form the pronunciation. Each lesson should bring a certain result. Each lesson should take place with the reading aloud, improvement of grammar and listening comprehension as well as communication. Each student should know that the more varied the lesson is, the more senses involved in the learning process, the better the desired result and effect is achieved, the faster spoken English of the student is formed.

At properly used training program, at the initial stage of the first lessons you can already speak English, taking into account teacher’s professional approach to the learner. This factor will bring the best results, if the student speaks directly at the lesson; it will give the student confidence in class, further incentive to continue trying to speak and developing spoken language. Even if at the first lessons there will be no full understanding of spoken English, the first lessons will immerse the student in the spoken language, which is very important and useful. If you take the practicing of literature reading, you should pay attention to that you should read something that is interesting in the first place. It can be a book adapted for reading, but you can read the original. During a certain time, you will realize that your vocabulary is increasing, some words become more common than others and you begin to remember them, even in the case if you do not know their exact meaning. This will give you the possibility to apply your vocabulary in spoken language. The use of the dictionary will allow you to understand quickly the meanings of phrases while reading a book. Considering the question “how to learn to speak English”, it should be understood that communication with a native speaker is the best learning option. Another option that can compensate such a communication is reading. In this case, you will be able to train your speaking; at this you have to read short text passages (monologue or dialogue) aloud and with expression, showing tenacity and perseverance to learn it by heart. This will generate the required level of reading aloud English texts on different topics that will ensure progress in improving conversational English speech. If you cannot communicate with English-speaking conversation partner, you can create an account in the social networks. There you'll find a pen pal; there you can train your written language that allows you to master spoken English and improve your vocabulary.

Over time, having studied the spoken English language, you will be able to communicate with people in their daily lives. You will be very interested to learn the latest news in English, to communicate in social networks, to read. It is necessary to use every opportunity to communicate with native speakers, as people study spoken English for communication. You should feel free to communicate in English, disinhibition, even if you say something wrong. Maximum communication will help you understand the English language environment. The best results can be achieved only with the full immersion method. It is possible that communication with an English-speaking conversation partner or social networking would be problematic. In this case it is necessary to take advantage of all the unlimited resources for spoken English learning. In our rapid time, available innovative Internet technologies offer you the millions of pages of classical works, music, films, radio, and podcasts from around the world. In this list you can find exactly what you're interested in. With each new stage English will open up more and more for you. You will find words and phrases that you want to know and hear. All these factors provide a reliable level of understanding and learning of spoken English



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