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English program


The standard course is 20 lessons per week with each lesson lasting for 45 minutes. The intensive course is 30 hours per week, with each lesson lasting for 45 minutes. The combined course is 20 lessons per week, plus 5, 10 lessons additionally. The current level of knowledge of a child depends on choice of the intensiveness of the course. If a child has good language skills, it is best of all to send him or her to a more intensive course. In the opposite case, a child will not gain anything new except the communication skills. Every program of the college or school works out the schedule of the studies, meaning the time of the start of the lessons – before the noon or in the afternoon. It is necessary to choose the city, specialized school, define the distance of school from the centre when choosing the program for learning. A lot will depend on reputation and specialization of the school. A well recommended large school will offer a great number of programs and services for your child with the constant supervision of the teachers.

A given school will be able to offer good learning system. A system, with the help of which, the learning approach will be aimed at achievement of the maximal result. In a given system of language learning, as a rule, an emphasis is made upon the topics of everyday communication, professional instructors will offer special exercises. Such exercises are based upon and designed in accordance with the practical life situations, which makes the education closer to reality and turns learning English into comfortable and an interesting educational process. A great amount of excursions through the most interesting and well known places of the country is formed during such educational programs. It will allow understanding English in a better way during the studies, as a constant communication with the native English speakers takes place. The resources of the English colleges and schools are quite extensive. There is an opportunity of using the libraries and the computer classes, sport groups and sections, which allow a child to spend time in a profitable and exciting way. The modern conditions turn learning English in language schools of Great Britain into the best option of learning and securing knowledge of the English language. The qualified teachers will always help and suggest solutions in most problematic matters. As a result of such education, a child will be able to actively overcome all of the language barriers, which will create a reliable ground for the future development.

 As a conclusion, it can be definitely stated about the effectiveness of the language schools abroad. Since no language courses at home are capable of providing such result and the effectiveness of the learning process. The benefits of learning abroad will increase even after the return of a child back home. A child could make new friends during the studies, which will allow him or her to communicate with the English friends further on. The use of the school libraries in such studies is extremely important since it provides collection of all the important English works, which will call up a true interest in a child. A language program in Great Britain is an impetuous stage in formation of a personality of a child with the certain views and judgments concerning the outer world. The necessity of such abroad courses is confirmed by the longstanding experience of numerous abroad schools and the universities. It is proved by the constantly increasing flow of school children and the students, aimed for the studies in Great Britain and the other English speaking countries. As a result, the English learning program abroad is a very important and a necessary element in learning of the English language for the children. 


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