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Further rates of the English language expansion depend on the language policy of such a vast country like India - a country with countless number of local dialects. The British helped to popularize Hindi nationwide, however, since the mid-19 century, that was English that was declared as the official administrative language of India. Even the natives from poor Indian families seek to master English perfectly, being aware of its importance for the further careers. It is projected that by 2050 India will become the largest country in the world (with a population of 1.6 billion people). By that time, China will be a state with a highly developed economy, not lagging behind the United States. That would increase the share of the English language in the global society. As a result, two of the three major world states will actively use English for communicative purposes. It is likely that China will have no other choice but to follow the common English language trend. So, a precedent has already happened, and its consequences are most likely irreversible.

The world globalization requires a unified means of communication, and the amount of investments, made in learning English by millions of people from around the world, allows to suggest that the English language has become the international language of the whole world. Such a cardinal approach of the international community to the study of English is conditioned by several historical stages of development of the English language. First is the historical British colonial expansion in all the world's continents. During such conquests, English was enforced everywhere, and subsequently adapted by the local population, and passed into the category of national languages. Secondly, this is conditioned by its availability in the study, there are languages much harder to learn. The third stage in development of English was set by the United States that inculcated the English language in diplomatic circles, and everywhere the Americans were located. All these stages have established a solid basis for development of the English language as a means of communication. Many international organizations such as the UN, OSCE, PACE, took English as an official language of communication. The common language, formed in such way, helps to manage the common global processes that require prompt and quick interaction between all participants in the negotiations. Speaking about the current level of English, which allows the world community to communicate, one can see that English is already fully integrated into all aspects of life activity of the society. Further development of the English language will occur at the expense of integrating it into conversational speech of third countries. Objectively, the English language almost naturally enters into everyday life in many countries. People in developing countries are actively introducing the English language in their everyday life.

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