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How to write and proofread an introduction to the thesis work

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The universalization of the content of general education in the form of the selection of the invariant of the fundamental nucleus of general education, which, in addition to the aggregate of the most significant ideas of science and culture, acquaintance with which should be included in the educational baggage of the modern school graduate and the program for the development of universal educational activities, makes it possible to realize the basic requirements of society, , Personality to the educational system.

Due to the fact that the priority of new educational standards is the implementation of the developing potential of general secondary education, the actual and new task is to ensure the development of universal educational activities as the actual psychological component of the fundamental core of the content of education, along with the traditional presentation of the subject content of specific disciplines. The most important task of the modern education system is the formation of a set of "universal learning activities" that provide "the ability to learn," the ability of the individual to self-development and self-improvement through the conscious and active appropriation of new social experience, and not only the mastering of specific subject knowledge and skills within the individual disciplines. At the same time, knowledge, skills and habits are considered as derivatives of the corresponding types of purposeful actions, that is, they are formed, applied and preserved in close connection with the active actions of the students themselves. The quality of mastering knowledge is determined by the variety and nature of the types of universal actions.

The program for the development of universal learning activities is one of the basic documents designed to specify the requirements for the results of pre-school and primary general education and to supplement the traditional content of educational and upbringing programs. The program is necessary for planning the educational process in pre-school educational institutions and primary school and ensuring the continuity of education. The existing gap between preschool and school education system with all the acuteness poses the problem of developing requirements for the content and results of pre-school education aimed at developing the subject and psychological readiness of the child for successful schooling. Another one is correct writing in English, therefore proofreading can really help. The development of the Program for the Development of Universal Educational Activities for Pre-school Education will allow planning the results of the educational process, setting the criteria and indicators for the mental development of children necessary for successful initial education. The program should form the basis for the development of curricula, curricula, teaching materials and manuals in the system of preschool and primary education.

The urgency of the development of the Program for the development of universal educational action for preschool and primary general education is dictated by the following circumstances:

- the need for accelerated improvement of the educational space in order to optimize the overall cultural, personal and cognitive development of children, create the conditions for achieving success by all students;

- the tasks of forming a common cultural and civic identity of students, providing social consolidation in the conditions of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of Russian society. Already by the end of the preschool age, the fundamentals of the child's worldview are being formed, a system of ideas about moral norms and rules that provide opportunities for moral regulation of behavior and building relationships between people is being formed, and the self-concept is being formed, including cultural and ethnic self-identification. The purposeful formation of the general cultural and civil identity of the individual is an actual task of educating the child already at the first stages of its inclusion in the institutions of socialization and can in no way be left to the will of chance.

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