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 scientific topic


During creation and selection of the relevant scientific theme in English by the author of the dissertation, a lot of scientific and researching factors are taken into account. The relevance of the scientific theme of the dissertation is conditioned by the modern tempos of technological and scientific advancements of the modern society.

 Every author of the dissertation defines and creates the modern and relevant topic in English on his or her own. The given topic of the dissertation should be created and proofread based upon the latest researches and the advancements of the scientific world. The urgency and contemporaneity of the scientific topic of the dissertation should be reflected in progressive scientific advancements and researches of the author of the dissertation. Such progressive and systematic approach of forming and creation of the scientific topic of the dissertation allows providing the relevance and the contemporaneity of the given topic among the scientific community. The latest scientific researches and advancements in various spheres allow revealing and creating an interesting scientific topic in the sphere of medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, IT sector and the robotics, exact sciences and humanitarian sciences. In conditions of high competition among the authors of the dissertations, the creation and writing of the relevant scientific topic is a starting point for the scientific career.

 When forming and creation of the relevant scientific topic, it is necessary to consider the following factors and the aspects:

  • Searching for and the introduction of the latest scientific advancements
  • Relevance and contemporaneity of topicality, which is currently reviewed
  • A degree of current importance, and in given circumstances, for solution of the definite problem, task or a question
  • Relevance of the question of the research, meaning the application of the studied problem in a modern society
  • Relevant substantiation of the topic of the scientific research, revealing what main requirement is applied to the researching work
  • Verification and proofreading of text of the dissertation by the professional proof-reading specialists

It is necessary for the author of the dissertation to consider the following stages of creation of the dissertation during the formation process and the choice of relevant topic of the dissertation – processing and synthesis of certain gaps in science; influence of the society upon the progressing of the problem in modern conditions and the circumstances; personal novelties and ideas concerning the given problem; consideration and formation of the gained experience in the topic related to scientific researches; summarization and advancement of the new scientific advancements with the aim of attracting the attention of the scientific community. A process of actual creation and writing of the researching scientific work can lie in necessity of acquirement of the new theoretical and practical data, verification of completely new methods and factors of scientific researching. Such aspects and factors of formation and creation of the relevant scientific topic will be truly perspective and relevant among scientific circles of the researchers, scientists and the engineers.

 Further application of the given relevant scientific topic will always be in demand among business and scientific projects. It will allow a more optimal and efficient way of understanding and forming the relevance of the topicality of the dissertation in conditions of the modern day scientific and business climate.



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