Preparation of a scientific article for publication in a Journal

Posted on 11th May 2016 22:14:45 in Proofreading, Translation

With each publication of a scientific article in a journal, the international standards are recognized in relation to the preparation of the given scientific article for publishing purposes. There are several general standards and formats that are used for the preparation of an English language scientific article.

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Watching movies in English

Posted on 1st Mar 2016 20:40:11 in Translation, Proofreading

Nowadays in the era of Internet information resources it will not be difficult to find good and quality movie in English. You can buy CDs with English movies. 

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Relevancy of checking and proofreading the scientific article

Posted on 24th Feb 2016 00:08:30 in Translation, Proofreading

Each scientific article is published usually in special scientific journals. However, if the article is planned to be posted in a book edition, as a chapter of the book, then this article should be proofread in accordance with the book requirements. Compilation of the article should comply with the common format of the book. 

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The Role of the English Language in the Working Population Emigration Processes

Posted on 2nd Jan 2016 23:45:45 in Proofreading, Translation

The working population emigration processes all over the world increasingly change the ethnic image of the Earth. Searching for self-determination and material wealth, the globe population is more and more active when integrating in the life of other peoples and countries. To a large extent it concerns the youth, migrating and emigrating between the countries. In the course of the global emigration processes the factors affecting these processes were formed, such as political, economic, demographic, language. The language factor became one of the key factors influencing these processes.

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