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Business Proofreading


English is the common language of business around the world, so modern business people, communicating with foreign partners are asking, and how competently conduct official business correspondence in English, write letters and other documents, send E-mail. After all of this for the most part it depends on their success in their careers and their perception of the business as a whole. In addition, you must study the special terms, characteristic for use in a particular field of activity or sector of the economy, the rules of formal and informal correspondence, certain words and expressions adopted in world practice of business communication. The English language has a special course "Business English" or "corporate English", which will allow you to learn the basic rules of business communication and correspondence in English. The study of such a course requires time-consuming need to memorize the whole phrase or phrases, technical terms, to learn the rules, refresh the knowledge of grammar, while combining study and work time. To date, the Internet, a lot of electronic translators, proofreading and computer programs that are able to proofread and translate texts of various kinds, even the most complex technical and legal texts. But reading this text, translated through the Internet, it is unlikely you will be able to learn in a meaningless set of words of the original text. You'll have to apologize to our foreign colleagues, to jeopardize your business, at the risk of losing customers. Only a person, not a machine, to date, able to convey the true meaning of a foreign partner that you want to say. Turning to the translation and proofreading company or hiring a qualified professional, you can save time and energy, the choice is yours.

Consider some types of correspondence, traditionally accepted in a foreign school, written business communication. Doing business often starts with a written dialogue, and then compiled business contracts, agreements and other documents. The main types of emails that you want to use in the course of business correspondence can contact newsletters, namely the letter of request, a letter of thanks, a letter of appeal, a letter, a message, a reminder letter, a letter of confirmation. Also, the letters can be divided into business sales letters: a request and a response to it, a letter of complaint, letter of complaint, the offer. Very often you will need to use the fax, telex, E-mail, it will be necessary to send orders, revisions of the price, delivery, payment. Considering all these aspects is necessary to maintain the standards of the international document and correspondence etiquette. These standards will help you to ensure that translation company, which operates in the international market of translation or proofreading services. Such a company will choose the most optimal for you the required standard letters. Each commercial contract requires an individual approach.

Uniform rules for writing such letters and other business documents are developed by the International Organization for Standardization ISO (International Organization for Standardization, ISO). Withstanding these standards, we can achieve the maximum effect from the business correspondence and document management with foreign partners. Just this aspect t raise your rating to a higher level in international business.

The basic structure consists of writing the date (in full), name, address, greetings, heading, of the contents of the letter, the end of the letter, the sender's name and position, investments. In the English letter name, address and date in the top left corner. Forming a greeting letter in English to married women treated Mrs (Mistress), unmarried Miss (Miss) and usually use the word Dear (dear) and the full name of the recipient. The first paragraph of the letter usually starts with the reasons for writing the letter, it may be, for example, the response to the previous letter, or an expression of gratitude for the materials or samples. At the end of the letter it is usually expressed hope for a future meeting or receive a response to the previous letter, or other expectations for further cooperation. Typically, a business letter ends with the words Yours sincerely (Yours Truly). After the words "Yours sincerely" put a handwritten signature, indicate the name, surname and position sender.

In addition to studying the structure of the letters you need to know how to properly arrange punctuation marks, colons, missing lines when you need to start a new line, or not to put an exclamation mark after the treatment, how to break the body of the letter into paragraphs.

Even if you learn the order of registration of the letter structure, alignment of punctuation marks, business English involves basic knowledge of English. Therefore, if your knowledge on an insufficient level, please refer to qualified proofreading of texts in the English language, there are many linguistic nuances, for example, words that have the same value but it can soften or harden the tone of the text, it is necessary to know in what circumstances to use it or another word. The English language is rich in a variety of idioms and fixed expressions, you need to understand when to use the different times in the letter. A well-written letter without spelling and punctuation mistakes will be pleased to read the destination.

Composing email proofreading specialist carefully pick up vocabulary, will help to avoid inaccurate and ambiguous expressions. The text of the English letters should be brief, clear to understand, without too much clutter professional terms. Coherence and consistency, the use of short and simple sentences, without the "abstruse" expression, make a good impression on your business partner. A professional proofreader will make an official letter only in a polite manner, even if you are bringing a complaint or do not fulfill the contract.

On the Internet, there are many ready-made templates written business letters in English. But if you want, so it is your letter of interest to the recipient and made a positive impression on him, prompting him to cooperate it with you, you need to approach the issue of drawing up of business correspondence in English with great attention and care. In view of the above we can draw the following conclusion. From a professional and high-quality proofreading depends on the commercial success of your company, which will take a strong position on the international commercial market for goods and services. Correctly and competently proofread documents and letters into English will lead your company to a higher level of international communication with their business - partners.