How to write a report and make a presentation

Posted on 30th Aug 2016 00:09:44 in Proofreading

Properly drawn up a report for the protection of the degree project - the key to obtaining a successful final evaluation of the diploma, so the question of writing is to approach more than seriously.

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Translations of literary into a foreign language

Posted on 22nd Aug 2016 01:01:09 in Proofreading

Currently, the translation of literary texts into foreign languages, it is a very popular method to distribute a work. The literary text, has always been a complex and multi-structured format for communication of the author with the reader. 

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Importance of professional translation into English

Posted on 12th Aug 2016 00:50:24 in Proofreading

Professional work of each scientist, employee, student or professional, there is a certain stage in the publication of books, articles, texts, documents, files in a foreign language. All of the original information is concentrated in the native language and requires a competent and professional translation of information material. 

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How to learn to write competently in English

Posted on 6th Aug 2016 23:24:31 in Proofreading

For each employee, student or professional, to learn to write competently in English, it is a priority factor in their life. Forming a comfortable standard of living, everyone is aware of the need for the ability to write correctly in English. When writing a resume, or are prepared for admission to work, written dissertations and diplomas, always requires a valid and competent writing documents and letters. Illiterate preparation and writing of letters and documents in English, directly affects the quality of life of the author, his personal life and prospects to find a good and prestigious job, or go to university.

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