Writing the Thesis in English

Posted on 28th Jun 2016 21:47:12 in Proofreading

Following problem, when writing the thesis in English, is a choice of the scientific adviser. If you are a person that needs to be constantly guided, advised, if you need to put you a specific tasks, you have to choose a scientific adviser who will be able to pay you more time, and who will be more than others, are interested in the theme of your thesis.

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Effective Writing the Introduction and the Conclusion of the Article or Thesis in English

Posted on 22nd Jun 2016 00:11:04 in Proofreading

The importance of effective writing the introduction and the conclusion of the article or thesis, diplomas, coursework, etc., lies in the following factors: an implementation of the tasks set by the author and the formation of an approach to meet these challenges. 

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Learning English through Visits English Speaking Clubs

Posted on 14th Jun 2016 02:01:22 in Proofreading

Today, many people for various reasons have a desire to learn English. But, remembering the school or university English course with plenty of homework, study the rules, verbs, and various tenses, many people lost this desire to learn the language. 

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Writing the Thesis in English Direction for Use. Part 1

Posted on 8th Jun 2016 00:06:02 in Proofreading

Before you start writing the thesis you must clearly understand what is a thesis, why you need it, and what the benefits does defense of the thesis give in a professionally and personally. 

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Keywords in writing scientific articles in English

Posted on 1st Jun 2016 00:03:29 in Proofreading

In case of the self-dependent checking and proofreading of the articles with the keywords in general, such operation takes a great deal of time, while the professional proofreading company and the specialist in proofreading and translations will provide efficient and fast editing and proofreading with the use of the keywords in English.

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