The importance of the keywords in writing of text for the web sites or scientific articles in English

Posted on 23rd May 2016 20:33:36 in Proofreading

It is truly important to pick the keywords for the text of the scientific article or an Internet web site in each process of writing of an article. The writing of a given text, based upon the keywords, is formed for allowing the user to understand the sense and the meaning of the theme of the article in English in an easy way.


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The application of the statistical figures and numbers in a scientific article in English

Posted on 16th May 2016 21:20:33 in Proofreading

The application of the statistical figures and the numbers in a scientific article in English always requires conformity of the offered information with the practically held scientific researches and the achieved results. 

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Preparation of a scientific article for publication in a Journal

Posted on 11th May 2016 22:14:45 in Proofreading, Translation

With each publication of a scientific article in a journal, the international standards are recognized in relation to the preparation of the given scientific article for publishing purposes. There are several general standards and formats that are used for the preparation of an English language scientific article.

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Why a literate writing in English is necessary

Posted on 6th May 2016 21:49:04 in Proofreading

There are tasks and the questions being set in front of the numerous spheres of life that require scientific approach and the researching work. All the new information acquired from the given work is fixed in electronic or the paper mediums.

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English learning program: Part 2

Posted on 2nd May 2016 02:36:38 in Proofreading

The methods of choosing the language school in Great Britain are carried out with the help of several parameters. It is necessary to pay attention to the intensiveness of the course.

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