How to learn to speak and understand spoken English

Posted on 29th Mar 2016 02:33:23 in Proofreading

Each person who is trying to integrate into modern society faces the following question - how to learn to speak English and understand spoken English? In our time there are many methods of learning English. One can learn to speak and understand the English language using: remote online training via Skype, self-education, training courses abroad, training with a tutor. In order to choose the correct and accessible program for studying, you need to connect all your experience and knowledge in order to learn to speak and understand spoken English.

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Writing English text correctly is the path to success

Posted on 16th Mar 2016 17:12:17 in Proofreading

In preparation and writing of a text in English, the goal is formed - to create a correct and literate document, which will be perceived as an instrument to achieve a specific and clear goal. Such document should pass a professional proofreading of the composed text, for correct orthography, phonetics and grammar.

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Watching movies in English

Posted on 1st Mar 2016 20:40:11 in Translation, Proofreading

Nowadays in the era of Internet information resources it will not be difficult to find good and quality movie in English. You can buy CDs with English movies. 

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