How to write a report on probation

Posted on 27th Nov 2016 01:18:03 in Proofreading

Passage of practice - it's a learning process that is required to attend university students in second, third and final year. In the second year is usually the trial practice, in the third year, students do practical work, and in the last year are graduates externship.

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10 tips about proofreading

Posted on 13th Nov 2016 21:44:46 in Proofreading

There is a perception that proofreading texts – it is not the king. Well, not like many of my colleagues to read the texts before delivery, to justify this dislike of very different, sometimes even completely absurd arguments. Someone confident in their own infallibility, to whom it seems that the edits have led the material in perfect view, and the remaining elementary lasy.

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Proofreading and editing text - especially the work with articles

Posted on 6th Nov 2016 00:12:58 in Proofreading

Correcting and editing of the text or article, requires high-quality specialist training, perseverance, thoroughness and professionalism. Correcting and Editing article begins with a careful reading of the text, to understand its subject matter and the essence of the problem. Every article that is going through a correction and editing requires a special approach. Features of the article is to identify the important sub-items that are necessary to correct and edit without fail.

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