English is the language of international communication

Posted on 14th Feb 2016 01:45:18 in Proofreading

For the last 20 years, teaching English in schools as a first foreign language had been distributed worldwide: it happened even in former Soviet countries where learning English was introduced on a compulsory basis. Relatively recently, the English language became compulsory to study in China. The English language is used as a working language of the European Union, although only two of the 25 EU Member States (United Kingdom and Ireland) are English-speaking. In the current circumstances, even Germany - France’s ally in the affairs of EU - has introduced English as a second foreign language in the sphere of education and business. A similar situation is observed in Sweden and the Netherlands. 

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Usefulness of comments of the professional proofreader in preparing a scientific article to publication

Posted on 30th Jan 2016 03:03:23 in Proofreading

The proofreading company which performed comments on check and proofreading the text will always advise on its comments to the text of a scientific article, it is very convenient for further checks of scientific articles. Summing up the work with comments, we can affirmatively say about their positive impact on preparation and publication of scientific articles in the scientific world.

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The Role of the English Language in the Working Population Emigration Processes

Posted on 2nd Jan 2016 23:45:45 in Proofreading, Translation

The working population emigration processes all over the world increasingly change the ethnic image of the Earth. Searching for self-determination and material wealth, the globe population is more and more active when integrating in the life of other peoples and countries. To a large extent it concerns the youth, migrating and emigrating between the countries. In the course of the global emigration processes the factors affecting these processes were formed, such as political, economic, demographic, language. The language factor became one of the key factors influencing these processes.

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Importance of Teaching English to Children at an Early Age

Posted on 2nd Jan 2016 23:31:32 in Proofreading

At the present time, English becomes very popular as a language of the international communication. And now many families, understanding the importance of this process, orient their children at advanced study of English. This issue is very important, because learning English by children at an early age will give them the opportunity of quick and communicative entry in the international community. Even now communication between young people with the use of state-of-the-art technologies and services lead to elimination of boundaries between countries and continents.

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The English Language History and Formation

Posted on 2nd Jan 2016 22:56:31 in Proofreading

Basically, the English language was formed in the Middle Ages. The origin of the language in Britain goes back to the ancient time, when the Old (Anglo-Saxon) English formed. Later, the New English appeared. The history of the English language development and formation is combined with a number of factors and conditions, under the influence of which the language came. The tribes populating the British Isles had had the language long before the Romans came there and the Christian faith spread throughout the territory of the country.

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