Effective Writing the Introduction and the Conclusion of the Article or Thesis in English

Posted on 22nd Jun 2016 00:11:04 in Proofreading

The importance of effective writing the introduction and the conclusion of the article or thesis, diplomas, coursework, etc., lies in the following factors: an implementation of the tasks set by the author and the formation of an approach to meet these challenges. 

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Learning English through Visits English Speaking Clubs

Posted on 14th Jun 2016 02:01:22 in Proofreading

Today, many people for various reasons have a desire to learn English. But, remembering the school or university English course with plenty of homework, study the rules, verbs, and various tenses, many people lost this desire to learn the language. 

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Writing the Thesis in English Direction for Use. Part 1

Posted on 8th Jun 2016 00:06:02 in Proofreading

Before you start writing the thesis you must clearly understand what is a thesis, why you need it, and what the benefits does defense of the thesis give in a professionally and personally. 

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Keywords in writing scientific articles in English

Posted on 1st Jun 2016 00:03:29 in Proofreading

In case of the self-dependent checking and proofreading of the articles with the keywords in general, such operation takes a great deal of time, while the professional proofreading company and the specialist in proofreading and translations will provide efficient and fast editing and proofreading with the use of the keywords in English.

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The importance of the keywords in writing of text for the web sites or scientific articles in English

Posted on 23rd May 2016 20:33:36 in Proofreading

It is truly important to pick the keywords for the text of the scientific article or an Internet web site in each process of writing of an article. The writing of a given text, based upon the keywords, is formed for allowing the user to understand the sense and the meaning of the theme of the article in English in an easy way.


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The application of the statistical figures and numbers in a scientific article in English

Posted on 16th May 2016 21:20:33 in Proofreading

The application of the statistical figures and the numbers in a scientific article in English always requires conformity of the offered information with the practically held scientific researches and the achieved results. 

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Preparation of a scientific article for publication in a Journal

Posted on 11th May 2016 22:14:45 in Proofreading, Translation

With each publication of a scientific article in a journal, the international standards are recognized in relation to the preparation of the given scientific article for publishing purposes. There are several general standards and formats that are used for the preparation of an English language scientific article.

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Why a literate writing in English is necessary

Posted on 6th May 2016 21:49:04 in Proofreading

There are tasks and the questions being set in front of the numerous spheres of life that require scientific approach and the researching work. All the new information acquired from the given work is fixed in electronic or the paper mediums.

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English learning program: Part 2

Posted on 2nd May 2016 02:36:38 in Proofreading

The methods of choosing the language school in Great Britain are carried out with the help of several parameters. It is necessary to pay attention to the intensiveness of the course.

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The children's English learning program in England

Posted on 30th Apr 2016 01:41:51 in Proofreading

Given article proposes detailed review of the possibilities of child’s learning of the English language in Great Britain. Such stage in the education is very important for a child. During the season of school vacations and the holidays the parents often face the question – where to send the children for the time of the school break. Such choice should be optimal.

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The editing and proofreading of the scientific dissertation in English

Posted on 27th Apr 2016 15:33:36 in Proofreading

The modern scientific research is based upon composed and written scientific dissertations. A lot of scientists and the specialists face the relevant question of quality of writing of the dissertation. 

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Creation of the relevant scientific topic of the dissertation in English

Posted on 24th Apr 2016 15:59:53 in Proofreading

The requirements for specifics, relevance and the perspective of the scientific topic of the dissertation are constantly increasing in a modern European and world’s scientific community. 

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The usage of abbreviations when writing English scientific articles

Posted on 20th Apr 2016 23:13:09 in Proofreading

At each scientific article writing you can use the abbreviation in the text of a scientific article every conveniently and correctly. Writing this text using abbreviations is characterized in that the article becomes more compact and convenient for the reader.

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The relevance of the study of English grammar and spelling at school

Posted on 20th Apr 2016 22:55:57 in Proofreading

The need of learning English grammar and spelling at school has become an important issue recently. Existing programs are becoming more and more complex, training time is increasing, and the result does not always guarantee the quality of knowledge. 

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Notes and information sources when writing an English article

Posted on 18th Apr 2016 00:30:19 in Proofreading

Every time one writes an article a certain sequence in its planning and creation is formed. For productive and systematic writing an English article notes are used and different information sources are engaged. Let's consider the impact of notes and information sources on the creation of article structure. 

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Role of the proofreading company in marketing promotion of goods and services of its client

Posted on 10th Apr 2016 19:50:03 in Proofreading

Every company and manufacturer are very interested in marketing promotion of their goods and services in the global market. In such project, correct and literate description of the product in English, as the main international business language, plays a very important role. In case of writing an article or any other document correctly and literately, then such text will be well perceived by everyone, as proper and natural presentation of goods or services. 

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How to learn to speak and understand spoken English

Posted on 29th Mar 2016 02:33:23 in Proofreading

Each person who is trying to integrate into modern society faces the following question - how to learn to speak English and understand spoken English? In our time there are many methods of learning English. One can learn to speak and understand the English language using: remote online training via Skype, self-education, training courses abroad, training with a tutor. In order to choose the correct and accessible program for studying, you need to connect all your experience and knowledge in order to learn to speak and understand spoken English.

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Writing English text correctly is the path to success

Posted on 16th Mar 2016 17:12:17 in Proofreading

In preparation and writing of a text in English, the goal is formed - to create a correct and literate document, which will be perceived as an instrument to achieve a specific and clear goal. Such document should pass a professional proofreading of the composed text, for correct orthography, phonetics and grammar.

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Watching movies in English

Posted on 1st Mar 2016 20:40:11 in Translation, Proofreading

Nowadays in the era of Internet information resources it will not be difficult to find good and quality movie in English. You can buy CDs with English movies. 

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Relevancy of checking and proofreading the scientific article

Posted on 24th Feb 2016 00:08:30 in Translation, Proofreading

Each scientific article is published usually in special scientific journals. However, if the article is planned to be posted in a book edition, as a chapter of the book, then this article should be proofread in accordance with the book requirements. Compilation of the article should comply with the common format of the book. 

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