Logical rules

Posted on 29th May 2017 21:24:10 in Proofreading

Summarizing the accumulated empirical material, induction prepares the ground for making assumptions about the cause of the phenomena being investigated, and deduction, theoretically justifying the conclusions obtained inductively, removes their hypothetical character and turns it into reliable knowledge.

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Using the methods of scientific knowledge

Posted on 3rd May 2017 22:53:22 in Proofreading

The success of the dissertation depends to the greatest extent on the ability of the applicant to choose the most effective methods of research, because they allow you to achieve the goal set in the dissertation. Methods of scientific knowledge are divided into general and special. Until relatively recently, for all Soviet scientific research, the universal method of cognition-the method of dialectical and historical materialism-was mandatory. 

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General scheme of the course of scientific research

Posted on 17th Apr 2017 16:20:00 in Proofreading

Understands and evaluates from the point of view of timeliness and social significance, characterizes his scientific maturity and professional preparedness. The coverage of relevance should not be verbose. It is not necessary to begin its description from afar. Proofreading of your scientific research work.

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Planning to write a thesis

Posted on 8th Apr 2017 00:36:16 in Proofreading

Planning of work begins with the drawing up of a work plan, which is a graphic and distinctive scheme of the undertaken research. Such a plan is used at the first stages of the work, allowing to sketch out the problem under study in various versions: this makes it much easier to evaluate the overall composition and heading of a future thesis. 

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Development of Universal Educational Activities in the General Education System

Posted on 5th Apr 2017 02:53:53 in Proofreading

The appeal to the development of the Program for the Development of Universal Educational Activities in the General Education System meets the new social demands reflecting the transition of Russia from an industrial to a post-industrial information society based on knowledge and high innovative potential. New social needs determine the goals of education as a general cultural, personal and cognitive development of students, providing such a key competence as the ability to learn.

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How to write a report on probation

Posted on 27th Nov 2016 01:18:03 in Proofreading

Passage of practice - it's a learning process that is required to attend university students in second, third and final year. In the second year is usually the trial practice, in the third year, students do practical work, and in the last year are graduates externship.

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10 tips about proofreading

Posted on 13th Nov 2016 21:44:46 in Proofreading

There is a perception that proofreading texts – it is not the king. Well, not like many of my colleagues to read the texts before delivery, to justify this dislike of very different, sometimes even completely absurd arguments. Someone confident in their own infallibility, to whom it seems that the edits have led the material in perfect view, and the remaining elementary lasy.

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Proofreading and editing text - especially the work with articles

Posted on 6th Nov 2016 00:12:58 in Proofreading

Correcting and editing of the text or article, requires high-quality specialist training, perseverance, thoroughness and professionalism. Correcting and Editing article begins with a careful reading of the text, to understand its subject matter and the essence of the problem. Every article that is going through a correction and editing requires a special approach. Features of the article is to identify the important sub-items that are necessary to correct and edit without fail.

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How to write an introduction to the thesis work

Posted on 23rd Oct 2016 17:17:35 in Proofreading

Many university graduates today are wondering how to write an introduction. And get a successful evaluation of the thesis. It is no secret that the teaching staff of the thesis committee, as a rule, read the introduction and conclusion, not too deep into the text of the thesis. Their experience allows us to assess the thesis already written the introduction and conclusion.

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Websites with multilingual support Part 2

Posted on 15th Oct 2016 00:50:06 in Proofreading

If the information is posted clearly and correctly, it is possible to analyze the real buying interest in your product or service at this stage of sales. This factor will simulate the subsequent advertising campaign in one country or another. Analysis of purchasing power is very important, because the advertising campaign costs pay off and make a profit. This effect can only bring good accessibility and the information content of the consumer and the customer about the product or service which are available on a multi-lingual website of the international company. 

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Multi-language website for the business and news companies

Posted on 3rd Oct 2016 23:47:30 in Proofreading

Under the conditions of the international market economy, there is competition for each client, as in the price segment, and in the open spaces of information, such as the internet and television. Market conditions dictate a new marketing strategy, which form new approaches to capturing client and customer.

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How to write a report and make a presentation

Posted on 30th Aug 2016 00:09:44 in Proofreading

Properly drawn up a report for the protection of the degree project - the key to obtaining a successful final evaluation of the diploma, so the question of writing is to approach more than seriously.

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Translations of literary into a foreign language

Posted on 22nd Aug 2016 01:01:09 in Proofreading

Currently, the translation of literary texts into foreign languages, it is a very popular method to distribute a work. The literary text, has always been a complex and multi-structured format for communication of the author with the reader. 

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Importance of professional translation into English

Posted on 12th Aug 2016 00:50:24 in Proofreading

Professional work of each scientist, employee, student or professional, there is a certain stage in the publication of books, articles, texts, documents, files in a foreign language. All of the original information is concentrated in the native language and requires a competent and professional translation of information material. 

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How to learn to write competently in English

Posted on 6th Aug 2016 23:24:31 in Proofreading

For each employee, student or professional, to learn to write competently in English, it is a priority factor in their life. Forming a comfortable standard of living, everyone is aware of the need for the ability to write correctly in English. When writing a resume, or are prepared for admission to work, written dissertations and diplomas, always requires a valid and competent writing documents and letters. Illiterate preparation and writing of letters and documents in English, directly affects the quality of life of the author, his personal life and prospects to find a good and prestigious job, or go to university.

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How to write a conclusion to a thesis

Posted on 31st Jul 2016 00:10:55 in Proofreading

Conclusion to the thesis is an essential part of the project, since it contains the results of the work you have done and the conclusions done by the students to conduct research in a particular industry. Preparing for the protection of the graduation project, it should be remembered that the Commission reads the thesis is mainly an introduction and conclusion of the thesis, and re-read the entire text of the seventy pages simply do not have time. 

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How to develop language skills and how to choose a tutor for your child

Posted on 24th Jul 2016 13:23:18 in Proofreading

To date, studying English language is a major component at any school. Almost every parent wants his child to learn English from the first years of life and in the future fully mastered English. Why do we want our child to learn English since childhood?

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Business proofreading correspondence with foreign business partners

Posted on 17th Jul 2016 11:44:23 in Proofreading

Today, with global capital development, the introduction of new markets, increase the intensity of international contracts, the attraction of new foreign investment, good business communication with foreign partners is an essential part of modern business man. That is why it is very important to study the process of business communication with representatives of different cultures. Different countries have their own traditions and customs in communication, there are differences in the ethics of communication, national characteristics and style. However, the development of international relations, tourism, development of new foreign markets today led to the necessity of drawing up common standards and rules of business communication, while still taking into account national and cultural characteristics of other countries.

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Check Your Business Blog at the Time of Publication

Posted on 9th Jul 2016 21:54:23 in Proofreading

Nowadays, all modern business industry is represented in the global Internet. On the Internet, there is a lot of information and corporate blogs of various companies and corporations. This factor is very important for the promotion of a site's popularity and a company's brand. 

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Writing the Thesis in English

Posted on 28th Jun 2016 21:47:12 in Proofreading

Following problem, when writing the thesis in English, is a choice of the scientific adviser. If you are a person that needs to be constantly guided, advised, if you need to put you a specific tasks, you have to choose a scientific adviser who will be able to pay you more time, and who will be more than others, are interested in the theme of your thesis.

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