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We offer professional Proofreading and Editing services for students and professionals

At, we help international student and professionals reach their fullest potential. Our main goal is to ensure a high quality proofreading service which is backed by established guarantees and years of experience in a proofreading business. One of our greatest strength is our team of professional editors and proof-readers with a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds from across the world.

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Our professional proofreader will always advise you in his/her comments, how to use properly phonetic, orthographic or grammatical points that can impact on the style of the text. This is a very important point when publishing the scientific article, as a reader pays very much attention on these factors. If the text is proofread correctly and properly, without grammatical and phonetic errors, then a reader realises that he/she is reading a true professional scientific article, which author by a very competent specialist. Such approach allows you to raise your ranking in the scientific circles in that area for which this article was prepared and published.

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All of our editors and proofreaders are native English speakers

At Proofreading Services, we employ only the best proofreaders, and ensure that our proofreading team has the skills and training to do their best work. We have staff from all over the globe and all of them are native English speakers, educated to at least Masters level with research-extensive university experience.

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Keeping the style and turns of speech, such essay or article will have the greatest and maximum success with the article’s author, that will ensure further development of the article’s author as a recognised researcher or a good specialist. A good company-proofreader of English will always be your reliable and professional partner in your work on preparation and publication of your essay or scientific article. Developing further cooperation, such company-proofreader can adhere to and take into account your wishes on style of the text, format of the article. Control of this work can be performed jointly and in any time convenient for you, allowing you to schedule phased check of the scientific article with subsequent comments.

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Proofreading Servicecan ensure that any kind of personal communication is correct and effective. You may be applying for a job, writing a CV or letter of motivation, or simply writing and publishing for your own pleasure, but either way, any text that contains errors will more than likely be considered less seriously. The job market has always been competitive, but nowadays this is even more the case, and it is harder than ever to set yourself apart from other candidates. It is a tough reality that job applications and CVs that contain spelling or grammar mistakes will almost certainly be rejected at a very early stage; proofreading will allow you to avoid this and enhance your chances of succeeding. Whether your writing has a professional or personal goal, let Proofreadingensure that your presentation is error-free and expresses what you want to say precisely. Do not let easily avoidable mistakes tarnish your work, and consequently your image.

Each scientific topic or article in English that are prepared for publishing in popular international scientific editions should be carefully proofread and checked for grammar, orthography, phonetics and style of English. When carrying out such check and proofreading of essays, dissertations and theses our professional proofreader makes useful help and comments for preparation of the scientific article to publication. Such comments are very useful in further preparation and presentation of the article to publication. International students and specialists use such comments very often in their works. When publishing a scientific article or essay, dissertation, every student and specialist seeks to compile correctly his/her work, as the future of career of each person depends on it.

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