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We are a proofreading company with over seven years' experience of verifying, editing and correcting academic, business and personal documents written by clients from a variety of countries.


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Proofreading used UK Universities has a cumulative seven years experience editing a range of content from formal letters, promotional materials, and self-published manuscripts. Our proofreaders have a keen eye for detail and an exacting command of grammar. We are experienced in both American and British English and have been known to catch elusive errors and grammar mistakes overlooked even by skilled writers. At Proofreading Services, we derive great satisfaction from proofreading academic papers, student essays and manuscripts, knowing that we are helping an individual improve the expression of his or her ideas.

Writing a text in English provides many difficulties and challenges when it is your second language; this is particularly the case with academic writing, which demands time, focus and application. Working hard to present your best arguments and theories is not enough on its own, as informative and interesting ideas must be presented in a free-flowing, logical and cohesive manner. Even the most original and brilliant work will be reduced to the level of amateur if it is difficult to understand due to poor spelling, grammar, structure and referencing. You may not be a master of English, but good proofreading can help you to overcome this and ensure that your grammar, spelling, structure and form are all perfect, allowing you to further convince a reader that you are an expert, and that your work deserves high praise. If English is not your first language, contact Proofreadingand let them remove this obstacle from your path to success.

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Why use Proofreading Services?

At Proofreading Services, our main objective is for you to be pleased and satisfied throughout the project. Our proofreading skills and commitment to excellence guarantee that.

Our creativity and intuitive understanding of language allows us to identify errors quickly, and then efficiently improve upon the language if necessary. The result is a smooth, logical, and grammatically correct document.

Anyone can write. The key is to find a Proofreading Service such as our who has the educational and experiential background to quickly identify errors in logic, rectify breaks in continuity, and all the other aspects of proofreading and editing that result in a top-notch final product.

Regardless of whether our bid is higher than most, you will receive back from us a commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting your expectations that is rare.

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Try our proofreading services for FREE. Our clients have always considered our work thorough, accurate and enhancing their work. If you wish to send us a test document to verify the quality of our work, that would be acceptable. Let us show you how qualified and professional our proof-readers are.

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Proofreading Services

We provide editing and proofreading services for academic papers, student essays, assignments and book-length manuscripts, web content, and business documents. Our working method is to improve written content by assessing the written style of the text and fixing it up so that the writer's voice comes through. We have proofread various documents including books, essays, dissertations, thesis, pedagogical/teaching documents, poems, legal documents, letters and more. We can work with any type of document: technical, scientific, academic, or creative, and can write in and/or edit a variety of voices and perspectives, from a loose, informal style to a highly structured one.

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Academic Proofreading Services

We have significant academic proofreading experience across a range of disciplines; Humanities, Communication Arts, Business, Law and Nursing, all of whom seek professional writing and editing services.

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Business Proofreading Services

Whatever you have to write to keep your company or business running smoothly and efficiently, we can assist by correcting typical errors in grammar, language, style, formatting, and consistency.

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Personal Proofreading Services

We love working with language in the written form, in both American and British English, obtaining great satisfaction in achieving accuracy, fluency of expression and clarity of communication.

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Fast Turnaround

We are responsive to assignments and always deliver to deadlines, if not earlier than requested. For the past seven years we have continuously worked on proofreading and editing dissertations, theses, and columns for both students and researches. We have also had compensated experience by way of the regular proforeading of students' essay assignments at the range of UK Universities and Colleges. Therefore be sure that we never miss deadlines custom proofreading service.

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